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Swedish speaking vocational institutions

Tailor-Made 2023

HundrED and Konstsamfundet; a foundation supporting culture for the Swedish speaking Finns, has launched a Tailor-Made project in Swedish language technical and vocational schools. The goal of the project is to identify and test education innovations working in the domain of student well-being.

Supported by Föreningen Konstsamfundet

The challenge

In this Tailor-Made project, HundrED is collaborating with upper secondary institutions in Finland that offer Swedish language vocational education. These institutions are scattered around Finland and have identified the need to support student wellbeing in order to help students develop greater resilience within the classroom environment.

The solution

HundrED and Swedish speaking vocational institutions are working together to identify and test innovations that address the individual needs and requirements of each institution and is simultaneously increasing collaboration within the vocational institutional network. The team at HundrED facilitates the process of co-creation with innovators and educators to adapt the innovation to the needs of the institutions in their local context.

Important dates

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Alignment with teachers and leaders from Swedish Speaking Vocational Education Institutions to identify the project theme.


Kick-off meetings conducted with Swedish Speaking Vocational Education Institutions in Helsinki, Turku, Vöyri, and Pietersaari.


Call to HundrED's community to solicit innovations that are working in the identified areas of interest for the Institutions.


HundrED conducts needs analysis through in-depth interviews and focus groups with students and teachers.


Innovators and teachers co-create together to adapt the innovations for the context.


Teachers test the innovations with the institutions while integrating ongoing adaptation and learning approaches to ensure robust implementation.


Shortlisted innovators meet with teachers and leaders from the institutions.


HundrED documents the testing process and publishes a Learning Workbook on the impact of the innovation in each institution.