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Folkhälsan Norrvalla

Implementation of Street Racket - anyone, anytime, anywhere

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This implementation is a part of the project:







December 2023
It was simple for us to fit it into our routine, as we were able to find time to play Street Racket during our physical education classes and evening activities for the boarding school residents.

About the implementation

Folkhälsan Norrvalla is a course and camp centre that offers training opportunities in sports, hotel and restaurant management. The campus is highly equipped with a modern, full-length sports hall, indoor and outdoor gyms for fitness and strength training, swimming hall, therapy pool, obstacle course, mini golf, full-length artificial turf field and dome.

What did you do in practice?

Physical education teachers found ways to integrate Street Racket into their curriculum by adding it to their physical education classes and evening activities.

Why did you do this implementation trial?

It seemed to be an enjoyable and straightforward game that could be adapted for everyone. Additionally, as we are a sports-oriented school, it's a game in which everyone can participate and possess enough knowledge.


How did the implementation go?

The game itself was a solid choice, and the videos and instructions provided by Street Racket were helpful. We tested the game with a diverse group, including younger children, adults, and our own vocational school students. It was enjoyable because it allowed everyone to participate, regardless of their skill level.

Easy to integrate into the curriculum because we played it like all the other racket sports
Easy to add to routine as we played during our PE classes and as evening activity

Learning Journey

Alignment & Aspirations
School leaders from Swedish-language vocational schools around Finland were invited to participate in a hybrid workshop hosted by the HundrED team to discuss key trends in Swedish-speaking vocational schools. Together, they identified three priority challenges that they wanted to focus on: resilience, wellbeing and mental health, and critical thinking. HundrED team members visited each school to run focus group workshops with students and teachers and conduct student surveys, to better understand the state of student wellbeing in each school.
Innovation Selection
HundrED hosted a virtual Pitch Day and invited innovations topitch their innovation to the working groups. Following the Pitch Day, teachers were sent a list of all the innovations that were presented and were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate their interest in trialling them. HundrED paired Folkhälsan Norrvalla with Street Racket.
After receiving the Street Racket equipment, they brainstormed and collaborated on what to do. With the help of their skilled physical education teachers, they started experimenting with how to fit it into the curriculum. Students played different game variations suggested in the online curriculum.
To be successful and have a smooth project, you need a clear framework, a clear contact person and what is expected and within what timeframe.


Folkhälsan på Norrvalla