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Journeys in Vocational Student Wellbeing


Finland is a bilingual country with two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Finland’s constitution states that every Finnish citizen has the right to communicate with authorities in either Swedish or Finnish – including access to education. All Finnish-speaking students are required to learn Swedish from fifth or sixth grade and all Swedish-speaking Finns are required to learn Finnish from first or third grade. Swedish-language education is available from the daycare level up to the university level.  This Tailor-Made process focusing on wellbeing innovations was done together with four Swedish-speaking vocational institutions. These institutions are located in  bilingual or Swedish-speaking municipalities, and all of them are offering vocational education and training to over 1000 students.


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Publication Date
December 20, 2023
Jamie Lee and Lasse Leponiemi
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Lee, Jamie, and Lasse Leponiemi. Journeys in Vocational Student Wellbeing. Helsinki: HundrED, 2023.
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