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Implementation of 100cameras

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This implementation is a part of the project:







December 2023
This was a great opportunity for the students to learn not only how to take good photos but also to think about how they can capture feelings with a picture.

About the implementation

Axxell is currently the largest Swedish-speaking vocational training school in Finland. This project took place on Axxell’s Turku campus where they focus on shipping, tourism, and business studies. Students from tourism studies participated in this project.

What did you do in practice?

Anna-Karin and Regina followed the 100cameras Where You Are Workshop, choosing the following topics:
Chapter 1: Framing my Story
Chapter 2: Photography has Feelings
Chapter 3: My Current Journey
Chapter 4: Who I Am
They started each lesson by playing the videos provided by 100cameras. Then, students were free to go anywhere to take the pictures for their assigned tasks. The teachers tried to vary the environments for each lesson so that students would have different things to take photos of.

Why did you do this implementation trial?

Anna Karin’s objectives for the trial were to try new pedagogical tools with students and learn more about digital tools. Regina wanted to learn how to use photography in education in a new way.


How did the implementation go?

Overall, Anna-Karin and Regina were happy with the 100cameras innovation trial. They found the lessons easy and clear to follow, so they didn’t need to do much planning or adjusting to bring this innovation into their classroom.
The students enjoyed the lessons as well, learning how to:

Be thoughtful in order to complete the tasks given
Reflect on how they would like to express themselves with photos

Learning Journey

Alignment & Aspirations
School leaders from Swedish-language vocational schools around Finland were invited to participate in a hybrid workshop hosted by the HundrED team to discuss key trends in Swedish-speaking vocational schools. Together, they identified three priority challenges that they wanted to focus on: resilience, wellbeing and mental health, and critical thinking. HundrED team members visited each school to run focus group workshops with students and teachers and conduct student surveys, to better understand the state of student wellbeing in each school.
Innovation Selection
HundrED hosted a virtual Pitch Day and invited innovations topitch their innovation to the working groups. Following the Pitch Day, teachers were sent a list of all the innovations that were presented and were asked to fill out a survey to evaluate their interest in trialling them. HundrED paired Axxell with 100cameras.
After looking at the 100cameras platform, Anna-Karin and Regina decided that they had time to do four lessons guided by the 100cameras lesson plans. They decided that they would do these lessons with a group of six first-year tourism students. It was easier for them to implement the trial with first-year students because their schedule is more flexible. They also thought that the first-year students could additionally benefit from the opportunity to begin thinking about their futures.
While they only had time to do four of the lessons, Anna-Karin and Regina would have liked to implement more of them.


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