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Parents as Allies


Parents as Allies is transforming education systems through family-school collaboration in Pennsylvania, USA. The work is done through 22 school districts implementing different kinds of family school engagement hacks and strategies to build trust within the school community. HundrED's work in the project is based on the Spotlight on Parental Engagement.

Kidsburgh, Brookings CUE and Learning Heroes. Supported by The Grable Foundation.

The challenge

We have to help teachers to find ways to engage parents and teachers in the learning process. How might we build stronger engagement between families and schools for the benefit of all students?

The solution

In this Tailor-Made we are collecting impact data on different family-school engagement models. Family-school engagement can be incredibly powerful as it creates relationships where people have faith that they are looking out for each other. Based on the Brookings Institution research, schools that have strong relational trust are ten times more likely to have really good educational outcomes. Parental engagement is an incredibly powerful tool to help children learn.

Important dates

Keep up-to-date on this project and its key dates

Half-hour virtual meetings for team co-leads with HundrED to reflect on the recent family-school engagement hacks.


An in-person presentation by the Brookings Institution that dives into their findings. Survey results from participating schools inspired this session.


Deadline for completion of the fall family-school engagement hack.


A second grant up to $5,000 gives all participating teams the opportunity to build on what they’ve done or to start something new. The grant opportunity opens in January.


What did we accomplish? HundrED will measure the impact of the family and school engagement work in each school community.


HundrED will launch their workbook on family engagement strategies based on the work of the schools participating in Parents as Allies.


Spotlight: Parental Engagement

Case studies