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20.12.2023 | Karin Metsäpelto |

'Journeys in Family-School Engagement,' Showcasing the Impact of Parents as Allies Initiative

HundrED is thrilled to announce the release of the report, 'Journeys in Family-School Engagement: Parents as Allies.' This publication is a significant addition to our growing repository of resources aimed at fostering a collaborative, inclusive, and engaging educational ecosystem.

The report is a collection of success stories and a comprehensive guide filled with practical strategies and creative approaches to building strong, trust-based relationships between families and schools. From resource fairs coinciding with parent-teacher conferences to innovative events like 'Canvases and Cookies,' the report showcases a variety of methods that have proven effective in different districts in the Pittsburgh area in the United States.

For the past three years, we've closely observed and supported the Parents as Allies project, spearheaded by our partners at Kidsburgh. This initiative has been a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the Pittsburgh area, demonstrating how local communities can effectively engage parents and caregivers in the educational process. The 22 school districts participating in the Parents as Allies research have shown remarkable progress in bringing families closer to the educational journey of their children.  Learn more about each school’s strategies and learnings on the Parents as Allies page by scrolling down to the ‘Case studies” of the innovation implementations at the bottom of the page.

Our report not only chronicles the successes and learnings from the region but also serves as a blueprint for schools and communities worldwide. 

Find 'Journeys in Family-School Engagement' on our Reports page. 

Discover more by reading the article HundrED releases ‘Journeys in Family-School Engagement,’ sharing our Parents as Allies work with the world on Kidsburgh’s site.