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HundrED 2018

HundrED has selected 100 inspiring innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. Find out more by exploring our toolkits.
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Discover Innovations

Discover innovations

Musical Futures
A non-profit organisation that seeks to transform young people's engagement in music through imitating the real-world practices of professional musicians.
Learning By Doing, Lesson plans, Music, Open Educational Resource, Passion based learning, Professional Development
2 458 views
Mantle Of The Expert
Making stories to create imaginary contexts for learning.
Collaborative Learning, Creativity, Drama, Empathy, Inquiry Based Learning, Interdisciplinary, Role Play, Teacher Development
1 960 views
Universe Awareness
An international project that uses astronomy to inspire a love of science and promote tolerance and empathy through a greater understanding of our place within the uni...
Empathy, Global Citizenship, Motivation, Open Educational Resource, Professional Development, Science, STEAM
1 277 views
Equal Opportunities
A competition to search for and promote educational innovation in Russia. As many teachers in Russia are not used to working on innovative solutions, Equal Opportuniti...
Equity, Innovation, Learning Environment, Partnership, Professional Development, Project Based Learning, Student Voice, Teacher Development
2 369 views
Toimintamallissa oppilaat opettavat ja toimivat tukena oman koulun opettajille ja muille oppilaille tieto- ja viestintäteknologian käytössä. Malli rakentuu kiinnostune...
Digitalisaatio, Oppilaat opettajina, Osallistaminen, Osallisuus, Teknologia, Vaikuttaminen
Green Bronx Machine
Green Bronx Machine builds healthy, equitable and resilient communities through inspired education, local food systems, and 21st century workforce development. Student...
Community, Culinary Arts, Curriculum, Empathy, Environment, Food Education, Health, Interdisciplinary, Learning By Doing, Lesson plans, Mental Health, Outdoor, Retention, Science, STEM
4 009 views
Creatica Lab
Creatica Lab challenge communities to rethink education through hosting immersive, hands-on creation makerspaces that leverage interactive technology and innovative de...
Craftsmanship, Design, Design Thinking, Interdisciplinary, Learning By Doing, Robotics, Self Directed Learning, STEM, Workshop
2 444 views
A collaborative approach to teaching that improves the dynamic of the classroom and maximizes expertise of individual staff members.
Classroom Management, Co-teaching, Whole School Model
1 482 views
Icehearts-toiminta on ennaltaehkäisevää lastensuojelutyötä joukkueurheilun avulla. Se tarjoaa lapsilähtöistä, kokonaisvaltaista ja pitkäkestoista tukea koulutyöhön eri...
Hyvinvointi, iltapäivätoiminta, joukkueurheilu, kasvatus, Kodin ja koulun yhteistyö, kokonaisvaltainen tuki, Koulupudokkuus, Lapsilähtöisyys, Osallisuus, perhetyö, Syrjäytymisen ehkäisy, turvallisuus, Varhainen puuttuminen
Redes de Tutoría
An educational movement to build networks of learning based on personalized dialogue, reflection, and community presentations.
Collaborative Learning, Community, Dropout Prevention, Equity, Family Engagement, Intergenerational, Mixed-Age, Oracy, Personalized Learning
3 352 views
Voice 21
Voice 21 is a charity that exists to enable teachers and schools to provide a high quality oracy education. They deliver teacher development and school improvement pro...
Active Citizenship, Collaborative Learning, Communication skills, Dialogic Teaching, Employability skills, Oracy, Student Voice, Wellbeing
4 022 views
Worldreader is a global nonprofit championing digital reading in underserved communities to create a world where everyone can be a reader. They feature an extensive se...
App, Equity, Gender Equity, Literacy, Reading, Technology
1 446 views