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3.10.2017 |

HundrED’s Innovation Summit Celebrates 100 Ways To Transform Global Education

Unveiling of the debut list of the “100 Global Inspiring Innovations” and showcase taking place on October 4th - October 6th in Helsinki.

At HundrED we discover and share inspiring, global K-12 education innovations. Every year we find 100 innovations we think the world needs to know about. This year's collection is announced in Helsinki, where HundrED was founded, and we've invited edtech entrepreneurs, policy makers and educators from across the world to celebrate at our Innovation Summit on October 4-6.  

The three day event, with activities taking place across Helsinki, will explore the future of education and will unveil our first annual list of 100 Global Inspiring Innovations from over 40 countries across the world. The summit will also play host to a series of inspiring keynotes from influential leaders who are invested in reshaping education including Shukla Bose, Founder of Parikrma Humanity Foundation and Olli-Pekka Heinonen, General Director of FINEDU.
HundrED was born from the notion that in a world becoming increasingly connected and global, schools can still be very local and isolated in their practices. To address this, our team of in-house researchers investigated over 1000 education innovations from around the world to identify 100 projects that are changing the face of education every day.  

“What we’ve seen is that however good practices might be, they are not effectively being shared outside the classrooms they’re used in, and definitely not across borders,” said Saku Tuominen, Creative Director of HundrED. “Therefore, HundrED is on a mission to help these inspiring innovations spread as far as possible so that teachers can benefit from other ideas and feedback so that student outcomes and learning can be improved.”

The innovations were identified through research, events and recommendations, and all of the projects were evaluated based on their innovativeness, impact and scalability. Our researchers considered innovations from every continent as well as covering various themes, from small teacher-led practices to ambitious not-for-profit initiatives, viral edtech products to unique whole school models.

A board of advisories comprised of global education luminaries helped to guide the final selection process. The selected projects cover various fields of education from learning environments and holistic wellbeing to collaborative learning and game-based education. Some of the chosen innovations leverage technology solutions to solve K12 challenges, while other projects address education issues that create scalable impact across borders.

“Bringing the people behind these innovations to Helsinki will mean we can celebrate the amazing work going on, and explore how the projects can work on a global scale. We want as many educators as possible to get involved and share their innovations on our platform to help make global education stronger,” Tuominen continued.

We've also built a free, online platform so that educators from across the planet can connect, collaborate and share how these innovations are working in their classrooms. Every innovation is accompanied with step-by-step instructions so teachers from across the globe can immediately implement these solutions in their classrooms, as well as gain insights, best practices and review their experiences.
We're sponsored by companies including Nokia and Supercell with the aim of helping HundrED to create a worldwide community of educational innovators changing the face of education.

Find out more about the selected innovations here.


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About HundrED

HundrED is a global non-profit company initially started in Finland, but has now grown global to seek and share inspiring innovations in K12 education worldwide. HundrED aims not only to make good practices spread between teachers and schools, but also between countries.  For more information, please visit: or follow HundrED on Twitter at @HundrEDOrg on Facebook or LinkedIn.