HundrED Innovators Are Global Teacher Prize Finalists 2018!


We are thrilled to announce that two of our HundrED 2017 Innovators have been shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize 2018!

The Global Teacher Prize is presented every year to an exceptional teacher who does outstanding work in the field of K12 education. The $1 million prize seeks to change the way the world looks at teachers by celebrating the incredible work that educators do and highlighting the impact that the best teachers have on their students, the wider community and the world.

Nataliia Kiseleva and Koen Timmers are both Top 50 Finalists for their inspirational contributions to education. Their outstanding work was recognized by HundrED earlier this year in our list of 100 Inspiring Global Innovations.

Nataliia Kiseleva is a maths teacher in Russia and has already been named a top teacher in the country. She founded Equal Opportunities, a competition to search for and promote educational innovation in Russia. Kiseleva believes that all students and teachers have equal opportunities for implementation of global projects, influencing not only their own development, but the development of a school, community or country.

Koen Timmers is founder of Global Learning, a project-based learning method that allows students to work collaboratively and proactively, engaging with key global issues relating to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The most recent project from Global Learning is the  Climate Action project, started in October 2017. The most ambitious yet, this project is bringing together 250 schools across 66 countries to collaborate on climate change topics. It has the backing of significant figures including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, Greenpeace, UNESCO and more.

The winner will be announced in March 2018 and we excitedly await the results. In the meantime, please join us in congratulating Koen and Nataliia!