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Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

This project highlights 14 innovations that support both teaching and learning through formative assessment. Formative assessment refers to a variety of methods that teachers use in classrooms to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress.
The Jacobs Foundation

A form of assessment that offers teachers insight into how they can enhance students’ individual learning.

In order to prepare students for the modern world, we need to move away from narrow approaches of summative assessment, which only measure students' ability to memorise and regurgitate facts. Instead, there is a growing need for informal, regularly used methods of assessments without any external selection pressure that allows students to monitor and regulate their own learning. Formative assessments allow teachers to develop students’ motivation, and self-regulation through purposeful interaction with students around their learning process.


Methods of assessment that shape learning and teaching throughout the instructional process.

The Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child Spotlight Report highlights 14 impactful and scalable education innovations that promote the systematic use of formative assessments to inform teaching. 

Formative assessment is one of the approaches that can help teachers and students teach and learn more effectively by allowing them to keep track of how each individual student's learning is progressing. Effective formative assessment shares learning expectations and learning targets, while also creating a continuous feedback loop to help track students’ understanding and development. Formative assessments can use guided self-assessment and peer assessment to improve learning in a way that takes into account the importance of student agency and motivation in learning. 

These solutions are bold, accessible, and impactful, changing the fundamental ways we think about assessment. We created this report with the intention that it would serve as an invitation for dialogue. Our hope is that we might collectively imagine a better future and begin thinking about what it will take to get there.

Selections announced June 24th, 2022


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Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

Formative assessment is a powerful way to enhance student learning. All types of assessments form important aspects of the learning process. However, formative assessment provides a particular way of evaluating student learning as part of the learning process. The aim of formative assessment is to evaluate students’ learning in a way that promotes the developmental aspects of learning and teaching. In this report we take a look a the research behind formative assessment and highlight 14 innovations working to promote it globally. 

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Explore education innovations recognized by HundrED as well as innovations from shared by the education community across the world.
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Socrative is the classroom app for formative and summative assessments that allow you to quiz and grade at the speed of learning from any device. Check student understanding with prepared activities o
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Kadam - The Step Up Programme
Kadam, The Step Up Programme is a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to enable children to close their learning gaps, and for teachers to guide and facilitate the learning process. Each child i
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Gamified application that allows the students to get involved in subject challenges, questions and problem solving, improving the learning process as a playful and engaging activity. It is a tool for
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Peergrade is an online platform that facilitates anonymous peer feedback. With Peergrade students get faster and better feedback while engaging in higher order thinking. Features in Peergrade such as
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Siyavula’s online Practice and open online textbooks answer the need to improve school results in Mathematics and Science. Designed to work on low-end mobile devices, this innovation reaches secondary
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Peer Feedback using Comparative Judgment
Our innovation focuses on the pedagogical design of peer feedback using comparative judgment. Built on 4 years of research and design of effective practices in formative assessment at the IB, the curr
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Navigated Learning Collaborative powered by Gooru Navigator
Gooru Navigator is an open source data platform that enables all stakeholders in the education ecosystem to work together by providing access to continuous, real time student learning data, aligning t
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Maths Pathway
Maths Pathway is a holistic Learning and Teaching Model that leverages technology to enable teachers to target each student’s point of need, and allows them to focus on practices that have the greates
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Qridi - A Digital Platform for Formative Assessment
Qridi introduces learners and teachers to look at learning and progress as a group and as individuals. Learning is planned and monitored under the teacher’s guidance, future skills are strengthened an
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Classtime is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on every student’s level of understanding by asking questions and validating answers. Our Collaborative
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Being a Proactive Teacher in Formative Assessment
Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools have established an experimental platform for the development, research and implementation of modern education models by level. This innovation addresses teachers' know
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
WestEd’s Formative Insights: Assessment for Learning
WestEd’s Formative Insights team leads transformative, scalable professional learning with teachers, leaders and policy makers. Rooted in current research, we enable dramatic shifts in the student rol
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
The Modern Classrooms Project
The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators to build classrooms that respond to every student’s needs. We lead a movement of educators in implementing a self-paced, mastery-based instructional m
Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2021
Process-oriented child monitoring (POM)
Monitoring children's wellbeing and involvement in class, identifying children at risk of not learning, allows early childhood teachers to reflect on their teaching and to adapt their methods of instr
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New report Says Formative Assessment is Critical to Improving the Quality of Education Globally

The Jacobs Foundation and Finnish education organisation HundrED have released a new report highlighting 14 formative assessment solutions that support teaching and learning. The report finds that formative assessment increases student agency, which can lead to improved learning outcomes and student motivation.

About Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

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