Announcing a New Project Designed to Identify New Forms of Student Assessment

6.9.2021 | BY MARIAH O'MARA
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Today, HundrED and the Jacobs Foundation announced the launch of a new project, the Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child Spotlight, which aims to understand how assessment can be used for the benefit of teaching and learning. Traditionally, educators have used assessments to measure how much students have learned against a certain standard for selection purposes. These summative assessments are typically conducted after a certain period of time to determine how much learning has taken place. However, there is a growing need for new ways of assessing students' learning that moves away from these narrow, high stakes approaches of assessment towards regular assessments in classrooms for learning. 

Formative assessment refers to a variety of approaches that teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a lesson, unit, or course.

Formative assessment is one of the methods that can help teachers and students learn more effectively by allowing them to keep track of how the student’s learning is progressing. Effective formative assessments can also include guided self-assessment and peer assessment to improve learning in a way that allows for differentiated feedback and teaching. Formative assessments also take into account the importance of student agency in learning. 

There is currently little empirical evidence on how individualized learning and adaptive teaching can be implemented in schools, and under what conditions they are effective. Through this Spotlight, HundrED and the Jacobs Foundation want to enrich our understanding of the variability of learning and how it can be assessed in a formative way by identifying innovations working to individualize learning in a data-driven way. 

The Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child Spotlight is looking to select 10-15 education innovations that are helping to transform assessment in schools for the better. This multi-phase project is looking for innovations of all sizes from around the world promoting personalised learning and formative assessment that work for teachers and learners. The project is particularly interested in solutions working with students aged 2-12, however, all K12 solutions are eligible to apply.  

Submitted Innovations will undergo a rigorous evaluative research process that adheres to specific criteria that evaluates the innovations on impact and scalability. The final innovations will be selected by an Advisory Board of 40 education stakeholders -including teachers, school leaders, experts, academics, and students - who will have expertise from a range of contexts and perspectives in education. As part of the partnership, HundrED and the Jacobs Foundation invite innovators to contribute to this effort and participate in this Spotlight by sharing their work. The submission call deadline is Friday, November 15th, 2021. 

To find out more information and submit innovations, please visit: