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The Modern Classrooms Project

We empower educators to meet every student’s needs.

The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators to build classrooms that respond to every student’s needs. We lead a movement of educators in implementing a self-paced, mastery-based instructional model that leverages technology to foster human connection, authentic learning, and social-emotional growth.

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Formative Assessment: Improving Learning for Every Child

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May 2022
I can’t begin to describe how much more positive and cheerful my classroom feels this year. It makes teaching more sustainable and less stressful.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The one-size-fits all model fails to meet many students' needs. The Modern Classroom Project replaced it with a research-backed instructional model that helps teachers leverage technology to foster human connection, authentic learning, and social-emotional growth.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The Modern Classrooms Project has developed a scalable, research-based instructional model built on three core principles:

1) Blended Instruction: Students access content through high-quality video lessons. Teachers are trained to create this content.

2)Self-Paced Structure: Students learn at their own pace within each unit of study.

3) Mastery-Based Grading: Students progress from lesson to lesson only when they have demonstrated true mastery of course material.

In this setting, teachers are continuously collecting formative assessment data. At the end of each lesson, teachers provide students with a formative “mastery check”, that evaluates what each student does and does not understand; and use this data to tailor instruction to every students’ needs.

MCP offers both a free online course and a Virtual Mentorship Program to train teachers on how to use this mastery-based formative assessment approach in their practices, and thus better meet every student's needs..

How has it been spreading?

The Modern Classrooms movement began with 8 teachers in the Washington, DC area in 2018. Since then, over 40,000 educators from 140+ countries have enrolled in its free online course (, and nearly 6,000 educators have been empowered through its Virtual Mentorship Program. University researchers surveyed teachers and students using the Modern Classrooms model, finding “overwhelming positive support” for the approach. The Modern Classroom movement continues to grow by the day, as educators worldwide seek ways to respond to students’ unique needs.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Explore our comprehensive free course, at ! We're a nonprofit and we give all of our materials away for free. If you're interested in more, visit our website and contact us to see how we can support.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

The Modern Classrooms Project is a highly innovative formative assessment practice that can be implemented with minimal resources. Students’ work is self-paced through a structure of blended instruction, giving teachers more class time to work with individual students. Both instruction and assessment are differentiated based on the students’ own progress.

HundrED Academy Reviews

Its self paced structure, blended instructions and mastery based grading system could prove to be high on scalability. Moreover they provide free trainings and support to the teachers that are going to help the teachers and students equally.

This innovation is impactful because it offers a learning environment that can be flexibly tuned to the needs of individual students, encourages independence and allows teachers to play an active role in coaching their students through material.

- Academy member
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