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4.2.2020 | Pukhraj Ranjan

Help Us In Our Search For Innovations Cultivating Creativity

At the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit, we partnered with the LEGO Foundation encouraging educators and innovators around the world to share ideas about innovations that cultivate creativity as a skill in schools, classrooms, and communities.

Creativity across the global education landscape is considered to be the one fundamental skill that will help future generations thrive. It can support students to be more engaged in learning by fostering imagination and curiosity. Potentially more impactful it can ensure that they find learning meaningful by connecting learning with the world around them as well as things they care about. After formal education ends, creativity is valued as the most desirable ability from employers, even above mathematical and logical reasoning (World Economic Forum, 2016).

At HundrED, we see creativity as crucial to solving problems both small and large. Whether personal challenges or those that impact billions, creative solutions are in high demand. Creativity is also a mindset that helps children (and adults) adapt, no matter what happens. We believe that every child has the ability to be creative, and that ability can be improved as they grow. 

The question is how.


At the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit, we began a partnership with the LEGO Foundation on a Creativity Spotlight encouraging educators and innovators around the world to share ideas about innovations that cultivate creativity as a skill in our schools, classrooms, and communities. A subset of HundrED innovators will also be hosting sessions at the LEGO Idea Conference in March, and we're excited to be there to see how they facilitate dialogues on creativity in learning.

To be announced at the HundrED 2020 Summit, we aim to curate a collection of 10 global education innovations focused on fostering greater awareness and understanding of how creativity happens and thus empower children to become creative, engaged, life-long learners (no lego pieces required!). 

Both the organisations are further committed to helping these innovations spread so that eventually every child is encouraged to flourish by unleashing their creativity and helping to improve their respective worlds and our collective world. 


Submission Call Ends: Wednesday, 25th March 2020 1700 UTC

Shortlisting and Advisory Board Review:  April to May

Selected Innovators Informed (confidential): June & July 

Innovations Filming & Post-Production: August to September

Final Public Announcement: HundrED Innovation Summit, 4th to 6th November 2020 in Helsinki (Finland)

If your practice is in cultivating creativity, share your innovation for the Spotlight by Wednesday, 25th March 2020!

Please reach out to our research team in case of any questions or concerns.