HundrED 2020 Innovation Summit Showcase: Creativity in Education


We have just under 2 weeks to go before the HundrED 2020 Innovation Summit! This year we have gone completely digital. Join us November 4-6th to hear from innovators and education leaders from around the world, explore 50+ breakout sessions across 5 tracks! The conference can be viewed on your phone or browser all free and on-demand.  

This short series of articles will explore what you can expect from the HundrED Innovation Summit’s main program. The main program will run from 1300 UTC to 1700 UTC on each of the three-days. It will feature some of the foremost experts in education across the world and will explore a variety of different themes. The first theme we are going to delve into is creativity in education.

Creativity in Education: Why is it more important now than ever?  

In the discussion of how to educate children for the future, there is one fundamental skill that is consistently mentioned - creativity. Almost everyone seems to agree that we need to improve the way we teach this fundamental skill to future generations on all continents. When imagining solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, be it the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, systemic racism, or poverty, creative solutions are in high demand.

Creativity is also a mindset: being able to adapt no matter what happens. We believe that every child has the ability to be creative and that we can teach children how to hone and improve this ability as they grow.

The question is how?

This 100-minute showcase will highlight some of the leading education innovations in the world focused on cultivating creativity both inside and outside the classroom.

The session will begin with a keynote by Sarah Bouchie, the Vice President of Global Programmes at The LEGO Foundation. Sarah Bouchie leads the Foundation’s diverse portfolio of global initiatives that seek to promote learning through play in early childhood and primary school. In her Opening Keynote, Sarah will share her insights and reflections from the HundrED Spotlight on Creativity and why she believes that creativity is crucial to solving problems, both big and small.

We will also hear Success Stories from innovators working on the ground to meet the many challenges the year 2020 has thrown their way. We will hear from: Jigyasa Labroo, Co-Founder, CEO of Slam Out Loud, Piet Grymonprez, Co-Founder & Managing Director of MyMachine Global Foundation, and Frank Omona, Deputy Design & Innovations Manager of Educate! Uganda on how they were able to harness the power of creativity to quickly pivot their innovations offering in order to meet the needs of their communities during this difficult time.

We will then move into a panel discussion hosted by Yu-Ling Cheng, Co-Producer & Communications Director, Remake Learning Days Across America. She will introduce you to our diverse panel, who you will be able to engage with live. The panel will include:

The session will conclude with a keynote from Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. Mitchel Resnick is LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, which develops new technologies and activities to engage people (especially children) in creative learning experiences. His Lifelong Kindergarten research group develops the Scratch programming software and online community, the world's leading coding platform for kids.

His group also collaborates with the LEGO Company on the development of new educational ideas and products, including LEGO Mindstorms and LEGO WeDo robotics kits. Resnick co-founded the Computer Clubhouse project, an international network of 100 after-school learning centers, where youth from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies. Resnick earned an undergraduate degree in physics from Princeton, and a Masters's and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from MIT. He was awarded the McGraw Prize in Education in 2011, the AACE EdMedia Pioneer Award in 2013, and the "Making IT Happen" Award from ISTE in 2018.

We hope you can join us for this jam-packed celebration of some of the most innovative creative minds in the world.

If you haven’t yet be sure to register for the HundrED Innovation Summit happening November 4-6th and stay tuned for more exciting program announcements in the coming days.  

Pukhraj Ranjan