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Spotlight: Bilingual Education


Through our research, we have discovered that bilingual education is about learning how to think and act in two (or more) languages and how to navigate between them. Bilingual education is an inclusive environment where more than one language is used to learn!

We have been mindful of searching for innovations that best support the learning of languages in positive and welcoming bilingual and multilingual environments – innovations that in one way or another can bring together and support all members of a school community.

With this Spotlight, we are proud to highlight innovative practices and approaches in bilingual education that excite, inspire, enable, create and support bilingual teaching and learning, language awareness and confidence, mother tongue education, bilingualism and multilingualism, cultural exchange, inclusion and diversity.

Publication Date
September 23, 2020
Gärkman, Heidi, Katija Aladin, and Christopher Petrie.
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Gärkman, Heidi, Katija Aladin, and Christopher Petrie. Spotlight on Bilingual Education. Helsinki: HundrED, 2020.
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