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Learn languages while you cook!


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The Linguacuisine project promotes and explores learning of digital literacy, languages, cuisines and cultures. The free Linguacuisine app helps you learn a language while you’re cooking a meal. With text and video, your smartphone or tablet will talk you through the stages of cooking a recipe in the chosen foreign language. Best of all, when you’ve finished, you can eat the food you’ve cooked!
Delighted to see the new Linguacuisine app: clever idea attractively presented. Hope it attracts many new language learners.

David Crystal‏, Professor


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Updated on October 19th, 2020
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Combining technology, languages, culture and cuisine!

The free, Linguacuisine app uses cookery to help make learning a new language and culture easier!

When using the app, your own smartphone or tablet will speak to you in the chosen foreign language and talk you through all of the stages of cooking the recipe. By joining our online community, you can also tell other people around the world about your own cooking, language and way of life!

Linguacuisine for Teachers

  • The Linguacuisine app can be used for foreign language lessons, but also for cookery lessons and cross-curriculum projects. Students can use the app to cook and learn in the kitchen at home as well as at school. There is a prize for the best recipe!
  • The app is a good way of preparing students for a foreign trip as it helps engage them with the cuisine, culture and language in advance.
  • Students can also write their own recipes in their own language, informing people abroad about their culture and cuisine.
  • It is also an excellent way of getting learners to communicate with learners in other countries. Video links have been available for some time, but Linguacuisine means that learners in different countries can do enjoyable shared activities together, cooking recipes from the other countries whilst learning about the other language and culture.
  • Digital skills can also be developed by using the ‘recipe builder’ authoring software. Linguacuisine has produced a certification system for the app's digital competences.

Check out our Top 10 tips for language learning with Linguacuisine and Comic Book on how the app works!

When you are cooking, you involve all of your senses in the learning experience – touch, smell and taste as well as hearing and seeing (multi-modal & multi-sensory language learning). You learn foreign words better when you are physically touching food and cooking utensils and using them to prepare food. 

We now have recipes available in: English, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, Arabic, Quechua, Chinese, Turkish, Korean & Chinese!

The Linguacuisine app is the end result of a 10-year collaboration between computing scientists and linguists at Newcastle University. The Linguacuisine project is a collaboration between Newcastle University, Action Foundation (UK), Hellenic Open University (Greece), Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy) and the Workers’ Educational Association (UK). It is funded by an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership grant.


Achievements & Awards

February 2020
The European Digital Kitchen, shortlisted for the ELTons Digital Innovation Award 2014
February 2020
The European Digital Kitchen, shortlisted for E-Learning Awards 2013
February 2020
The French Digital Kitchen, Winner of the European Language Label Award 2012
September 2020
Bilingual Education
February 2020
The French Digital Kitchen, Winner of the European Language Label Award 2012
February 2020
The French Digital Kitchen, Winner of the European Language Label Award 2012
February 2020
The French Digital Kitchen, Winner of the European Language Label Award 2012

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