Parents and Caregivers innovations

Parents are a key stakeholder in education by supporting the learning of their children and partnering with teachers and educational leaders .
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Science shows our children's first five years of life are when they develop the foundation for lifelong learning. Every time we connect with young children, it's not just their eyes that light up--it'
Kindiedays digital platform supports the formative assessment of children’s individual learning paths in early education. Educators document the learning together with the children. Learning moments c
Kodate school@Home parenting solution
Parents who interact with their kids at home shouldn't be stressed out about their kids' engagement or learnability. Neither should they look at interactions with kids as a chore and be guilty about
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Speed School
Speed School consists of a condensed curriculum covering the first three years of primary education. The Speed School model is being implemented and adapted across multiple African countries to help m
Learning In Style
Children's learning efficiency is not determined solely by hard work. Studies have shown that their study habits, motivations, and the interrelationships amongst and between their peers, teachers, and
Weekly Parent and Student Surveys
Weekly surveys sent to parents and students are a powerful way for educators to learn 1) how excited (or not) parents and students are with the learning environment, 2) creative ideas for how the lear
Limited progress has been made to actualise holistic education, as there are no practical and reliable means to measure student progress. HoloTracker tackles this challenge by enabling educators to re
Our aim is that the quality of the support that children receive at home do not depend on where they were born. We combine powerful digital media, simple high-impact activities, and scientific evidenc
Soñamos con que la calidad del apoyo que niños y niñas reciben en casa no dependan del lugar donde nacieron. Combinamos medios digitales de gran alcance, actividades simples de alto impacto y evidenci
Everyone who was once a student, has faced educational barriers of some type, either emotional, physical, difficulties with a specific subject or a learning diagnosis or a disability. Skalo helps teac
ERES (You Are)
ERES promotes gender equality and female empowerment. Enhances awareness of sexual health, reproductive rights & gender-based violence, especially for girls & teenagers living in urban & rural slums.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Play Africa
Disrupting the idea of a “museum,” Play Africa developed a flexible museum model to bring transformative learning experiences promoting creativity, innovation and connection to a divided society. Thro