Parents and Caregivers innovations

Parents are a key stakeholder in education by supporting the learning of their children and partnering with teachers and educational leaders .
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The Teacher Project KE
Our innovation taps the talent of Kenya's unemployed teachers. Presently, 309,000 highly trained teachers are out of work in Kenya. Government budgetary teacher salary shortfalls equals many classroo
Ribbon HUNDRED 2021
OneSky for all children
OneSky trains communities and caregivers through an innovative blended learning approach to provide nurturing responsive care and quality early education, unlocking the potential in vulnerable young c
Rocket Learning
Rocket Learning’s solution is technology and community-enabled behaviour change – creating the social incentives and behavioural nudges to pull parent communities to engage with children and teachers.
WISE: Emotional Fitness
You know how 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools? Well WISE: Emotional Fitness helps school communities that want to train students, parents, and teachers by reducing barriers to le
Embers the Dragon
Mental Health support in the early years is the single biggest impact factor on children's future outcomes. Embers the Dragon was developed by Clinical Experts in Children's Mental Health to scale evi
Kinich School
We created an online school that aims to connect families all over the world based on SDGs content, technology but most importantly, the core element is to build an innovative "Family community" that
Festival of the Child
An online education summit, & immersive, experiential adventure empowering parents & educators to raise the next generation of changemakers, visionaries & planetary stewards our world so desperately n
Aulas de Paz - Peace Classrooms
Aulas de Paz by Aseinc was born from the need to build a culture of peace and non-violence in vulnerable schools located in rural and urban slums. It aims to spread the initiative and actions to famil
Learner Engagement Programme
The programme creates a community-wide and stakeholder inclusive approach to improving learner engagement and reducing school dropout. Using an early warning system and referral network, Just Grace in
Link Education International - School Performance Review
Link takes a holistic approach; combining meaningful community involvement with working closely with school leadership and local and national government. The School Performance Review is a cycle of da
Skolen Online -
With online classes taught by skilled teachers and the possibility to self-study we provide learning solutions for homeschoolers, students living abroad as well as for students not thriving in tradit
Blended provides high quality digital solutions tailored to meet each institution's needs. We have a strong commitment in supporting school staff, students and parents to provide an easy-to-use, fast