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Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV)

Teachers learn from colleagues for quality education

Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) focuses on sustainable teacher development to support children’s right to quality education.

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April 2024
ÖRAV’s trainings, the value you give to teachers encourage me to become a better teacher. I leave each of the trainings with my pockets full of new things. My students enjoy learning more.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) focuses on sustainable teacher development to support children’s right to quality education. MoNE in Turkey adopted the constructivist approach in 2008, ÖRAV was founded to help teachers how to implement it; to equip state-school teachers with the knowledge, practical skills, and methods to catch up with expected teaching standards and global practices.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

ÖRAV designs training programs based on a sustainable social impact design depending on needs analysis as well as SDGs. ÖRAV selects its trainers from state-school teachers. After training of trainer, trainers are involved in supervision, mentoring, and coaching practices. These trainers take part in the facilitation of our programs out of working hours. There are 339 trainers from 55 cities. Teachers are supposed to be the biggest professional force behind raising generations with skills to help them cope with global challenges. For this, they need to learn these concepts and practices and experience the journey themselves before they introduce these skills to students. According to research by KUSIF and ÖRAV, the social impact of ÖRAV is on teachers as they became local agents of change and leadership in their communities and transformed in many other aspects. Teachers receive certificates from the MoNE after completion of the programs due to the protocol with the MoNE.

How has it been spreading?

Until the pandemic, ÖRAV allocated trainers and all other resources to run the training program in the applying schools’s premises and reached 11.000 teachers annually with 15 different programs. After COVID19, ÖRAV had the advantage of having its online LMS, eKampus, a free learning platform, updated in 2018. All current training programs are transformed into online learning designs and new ones were added. In 2021, 46.919 teachers benefited from ÖRAV’s services via eKampus. So far ÖRAV worked with 262.841 teachers.
In the next couple of years, we plan to expand the content span of our programs and invest more in technology to optimize learner experience. Reflections from teachers for our online programs are promising and we plan to introduce more language options other than Turkish.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

After a program is designed, training of trainer and continuous growth of them must be planned. Progress of each trainer must be followed to ensure standards. Systematic feedback should be given. When the first cohort of trainers reach a certain level of expertise, they should be trained to supervise the latter cohort. A new cohort of trainers can be involved and be supervised by the first group.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Besides the physical trainings, the teacher development program they have been spreading through eKampus has big potential to scale. In 2021 along they were able to train almost 50 thousand teachers through their platform,

The use of an interactive, play-based training approach allows teachers to experience first-hand the importance of this kind of pedagogy. Follow-ups, mentoring, and continued support also make the training highly effective.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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At the Teachers Academy Foundation, we have embraced the principle of adapting to social changes and transformations and spearheading efforts to apply these changes to education since the first year of our establishment. Throughout 2021, when the effects of the pandemic continued, we focused on the development needs of teachers, contributing to the professional and personal development processes of teachers within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, while creating an increasing social impact by expanding from learning environments to the local level. As a Global Compact signatory, we continued to support the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Quality Education, through both the operating model of our Foundation and the achievements of our training programs that are the below. Creative Child Creative Brain Training Program (supported by Adel Kalemcilik - Faber Castell) Inquiry-based Science Education (supported by Dow Turkey) 5Taş Social and Financial Leadership (supported by Garanti BBVA) Engineer Girls of Turkey High School Program (supported by Limak Foundation) STEM Practices in Nature Education (supported by U.S. Embassy in Ankara) The Future is My Sister - Training to develop affective and technological skills in students (supported by Coca-Cola Turkey) Happiness within the Scope of Positive Psychology Practices in Education Training Program (supported by Algida) Environmental Literacy Training Program (supported by Dow Turkey) Interactive Course Design in Online Education Training Program (ÖRAV resources) Critical Thinking Skills Program (ÖRAV resources) Supporting Adolescence with Resilience Skills Training (ÖRAV resources) Supporting Social, Emotional and Cognitive Skills Training Program (ÖRAV resources)
eKampus, Online Learning Management System
Teachers without Distance
5 Stones Social and Financial Leadership Project
STEM Pioneers Project Training of Trainers

Implementation steps

Defining Theory of Change
Here are some example questions that will help you define your theory of change and your ultimate impact with your innovation.
1- What is the problem?
2- What are the ultimate visible-concrete outcomes that we want to see? What is the impact we want to make?
3- Who exactly is our target group? What do they need?
5- Who else will be involved and impacted directly or indirectly?
6- How do we plan actions so that each target group is impacted as we have stated at the beginning?
Define Project Logical Framework
Decide on the;
- Timeline
- Budget
- Resources (Staff, infrastructure, etc.)
- Actions (Preparation of content, reaching target audience, getting technical or technological infrastructure ready, communication and marketing, measurement and assessment of results, procurement and contractual procedures if there will be any outsourcing etc.)
- Risks and preventive actions.
Follow Project Timeline
Decide on short, mid and long term actions to be taken timely so that there is no time loss or delay between actions.
There will be times when many actions have to be completed simultaneously so you should make sure that all actions are run smoothly.
Remember to communicate with all the shareholders inside and outside the organization.
Be realistic in planning the timeline as there might be delays in other parties' contributions.
Analyse results
Collect data and analyze them to reflect how much of the planned impact was achieved.
Analyze the data and discuss within partners to improve targeted results.

Spread of the innovation

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