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This collection embraces our world of connectivity and exchange through providing access, resources and more. Online education is a growing field and technology has accelerated our ability to connect, share and exchange information. Your new discovery is just a click away!
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
A community for teaching and learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Scientix promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM teachers, education researchers, po
Tagpros (Talented & Gifted Pros) Webinars for Teachers: Advancing Better Online Distance Learning
Computer science and passion-based learning is dominating our kids' world. One area that collides with this is social and emotional learning (SEL). It might be a bit off, but actually there are ways
Vietnam has ~ 5.4 million under-5-year-old children, equaling Finland’s population. Yet, early childhood education is still under-invested. Preschool teachers are not equipped with needed tools and re
Pensando no autodesenvolvimento docente, o Educabox é um aplicativo gratuito que organiza e orienta professores por meio de conteúdos relevantes para o aperfeiçoamento das principais competências doce
A community of educators built the fastest growing collective educational portal in N. Macedonia with over 4000 video lessons developed in 12 months. Their video lessons have been viewed more than 4 m
Saturday Art Class
Saturday Art Class is a not-for-profit social organization operating in the education sector. It is a school-based intervention, working towards socially and emotionally empowering children from low-i
Innovative Teaching Support Package (ITSP)
To improve the classroom practices of 193,000 primary school teachers during COVID times and beyond, the Punjab government (Pakistan) developed a video-based mobile app and Moodle space for school men
Schoolinka is an Edtech company that is creating an ecosystem of highly skilled teaching workforce for schools in Africa. With a learning model that is powered by educators with experience and exp
Magnaplus es una plataforma educativa que ofrece contenido propio chequeado, confiable y actualizado de nivel primario y secundario, dando la posibilidad a profesores y alumnos a enseñar y aprender de
k20 Educators
Over 125 million educators around the world are working in silos. The pandemic exacerbated the need for collaboration but did not yield an integrative solution. k20 Educators is a social learning ecos
HITCH transforms teachers into digital education specialists with impactful transferrable skills, through intensive training and practicums, focused on creating immersive learning experiences for unde
Education Blueprint
Education Blueprint operates under 501(c)3 status as a free, interactive portal for teachers across the country to collaborate on educational resources and content. We believe that educators grow thro