Mindfulness innovations

The purposeful inclusion of mindfulness and mindful meditation principles, theories, and practices into education.
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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Positive Education
Geelong Grammar School has pioneered a school-wide approach to student and staff wellbeing known as Positive Education. Based on the science of Positive Psychology, Positive Education aims to enable i
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
My Little Garden - By The Little Urban Farm
In a world where everyone is online, our innovation brings students back to nature. Connecting science, mathematics, chemistry, emotional intelligence, kindness and compassion is easy to understand wh
Persona Life Skills
Persona Life Skills is an online Social-Emotional Learning platform with a unique personality insights framework at its heart, helping schools boost wellbeing and employability for students age 13 to
Educational Development
In this innovation i wish to execute a project tagged Educational support scheme project which consists of exercise books school bags socks school sandals etc for the less privileged Students and pupi
Enlightism is a youth personal development platform which focuses to provide aid to students through study resources of Olevels, Alevels and Intermediate Board, free of cost! Not only this, we are als
School Mental Health
School Mental Health Program is a combination of Social-Emotional Learning and Life-Skill Based Module, carefully constructed to promote mental health literacy and psycho-social well-being among schoo
Algorithm Hub
For technology enthusiasts who need to learn programming, our educational gaming platform is the perfect solution for students to learn through out-of-class entertainment.
Fun and Learn with Environments
In Bangladesh, the Learning system is mostly lecture-based and nowadays we use so many Powerpoint presentations also. And environment-related education is not that interactive and interested for non
Mindful Music Moments
Imagine an entire school -- students, teachers, and administrators -- taking time each morning to turn inward together, listen to a brief mindful creativity and/or SEL prompt and world-class music.
A-Z of You and Me
Every child learns the alphabet. We are capitalising on the fact that all over the world when a child is introduced to the English language, they are taken through the alphabet. We explore topics like
Wisdom: The World of Emotions
Every day, young children struggle with difficult emotions. They fight with their siblings or hear "no" from their parents. That's why we created Wisdom: The World of Emotions, the world's first game-
Kids Collab
Kids Collab and their team of healthcare professionals have developed an online digital platform that provides educators and parents with age-appropriate, knowledge-based activities for children aged