Gamification innovations

Gamification in education is an educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.
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Audio-Class System
Audio-Class can share educational content across any device students have at hand such as radio, basic phone or smartphone with little to no internet. Students learn on any mobile device available to
Learning paths in remote education: practical training for teaching in COVID-19 pandemic.
To quickly improve professors skills for remote teaching during the closure educational institutions, 300 professors was trained to plan online learning paths, teaching objectives, resources for learn
Inspirit contains hundreds of interactive and breakable 3D science models and environments. We are building a gamified interactive iOS STEM Education VR app (Duolingo meets Candy Crush) allowing stude
AmongUS Matemático
Essa atividade consiste em trabalhar conceitos aprendidos com os alunos de uma maneira mais divertida e através da ideia de um jogo muito utilizado por eles (na faixa etária que trabalho - 9 até 12 an
Ground_up facilitates educational leaders ’collaboration to solve complex problems at school. We create problem-solving mastery experiences, and we are designing a social network for teachers where th
Nivelat and Fútbol Más- Promoting the Neighborhood
Nivelat is a learning platform that revolutionizes the way of teaching, with videogame mechanics that allow entertaining and effective learning. Any content can be gamified in our platform, so its pot
Gamificación y aprendizaje adaptativo. Aplicación en una asignatura universitaria.
A través de una metáfora (escalar una montaña), de un desafío (ingresar a una empresa), con diferentes recorridos para cada estudiante o grupo de ellos, se dictó una asignatura en educación superior.
Skolen Online -
With online classes taught by skilled teachers and the possibility to self-study we provide learning solutions for homeschoolers, students living abroad as well as for students not thriving in tradit
JGO Scientific Learning
COVID has created a situation where traditional in-person teaching has been compromised, affecting the accustomed dynamics of the teaching-learning process. In order to circumvent this issue we propos
Magical U
Magical U is a simple and powerful game that allows a child to release negative emotions and memories from their subconscious. It enables them to connect with their feelings through pictures, express
One Laptop One Teacher
We are an EdTech company providing a universal solution to a global problem in the educational sector i.e. Teacher Absenteeism fueled by Low Teacher Morale. How? Boosting teachers’ morale by providing