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Explore education innovations recognized by HundrED as well as innovations from shared by the education community across the world.
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Kaligo: Digital Handwriting Notebook
Learn&Go is a French start up which created a research-based learning application designed to help accelerate and innovate around how children between 3-8 years learn to write. The app uses a stylus a
Pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages
The objective of the pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages is to improve the access to education in the Sámi languages outside of the Sámi native region. Throughout the country, th
Ribbon FINLAND 100
Young Business Generations
Young Business Generations offers a digital business course unit for upper secondary education. Courses are based on innovative pedagogical solutions and materials from real life business partners.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Standing in the gap for Rohingya children
Over eight years Children on the Edge supported an unregistered Rohingya community in Bangladesh to provide thousands of refugee children with an education, in a seemingly impossible situation. The