Design Thinking innovations

Design thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts are developed.
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The Visionaries
We partner with youth and their communities to develop healthier relationships; with ourselves, with others and with the wild - the place where all life begins. We use our rites of passage approach
Extraordinary Daily Learning Map
Early childhood education has been facing a massive drop out due to the pandemic. Schools are reinventing themselves and parents are performing the role of mediators to enable children's learning proc
Tarkus VP
We are serving for students from K to K12 with project-based STEAM courses, which make them more easier to understand the coding logic and AI algorithm via our special flow-based programming interface
My Little Garden - By The Little Urban Farm
In a world where everyone is online, our innovation brings students back to nature. Connecting science, mathematics, chemistry, emotional intelligence, kindness and compassion is easy to understand wh
Schol of Future
You truly feel ready to take on the evolving world. You know exactly who you are, you know the value you bring, and you have the skills, tools, and mindsets required to disrupt the world. We help
Proyecto Aletea
Proyecto Aletea es una comunidad vibrante de personas, que compartimos una visión de innovación educativa que toma el poder de la inteligencia colectiva, para brindar nuevas soluciones a necesidades
Drone-based Interdisciplinary Learning & Entrepreneurship Education
A pedagogical model integrating Science, Mathematics and Information Technology was established to connect drone technology to 21st Century Skills. While enhancing students’ STEM literacy, it also aim
Inclusión de migrantes y refugiados en el sistema escolar ecuatoriano
Generamos espacios de aprendizaje culturalmente seguros para migrantes y refugiados en 4 instituciones educativas del Ecuador. Para ello, un equipo de Profesionales de Enseña Ecuador (PECs) de naciona
BANG gives an innovative ways to develop the process in 3 phases.The first one is solid phase (inspiration), gaseous phase (idea), and finally liquid phase (implementation). The idea is that the peopl
The Biz Nation
The Biz Nation is a Colombian EdTech company focused on transforming the future of Latin America with productive education. With more than 50,000 active users, The Biz Nation operates in 9 countries.