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Education and Industry working together to promote, nurture and celebrate Design & Manufacturing

Youth Made Initiative

Marker Malaysia
'Youth Made Initiative' is a collaboration of education and industry to help to try and contextualize Design & Technology for students. Local companies agree to help schools on a range of things - visits, work experience, live design briefs etc to help contextualize STEM education and up-skill staff and students with relevant and modern skills and knowledge required for the world of work

Youth Made Initiative

“Youth Made Malaysia offers students the opportunity to work on exciting D&T projects, supported by leading business and industry partners. It offers students unique access to work with leading global brands to develop their skills and knowledge and prepare them for future undergraduate studies and employment. ”

Education is GREAT - British High Commission campaign

'Youth Made Initiative' is a collaboration of education and industry to help to try and contextualize Design & Technology for students. It began in Malaysia (see www.youthmademalaysia.com) just over 12 months ago and it has now grown to 3 countries. Basically companies agree to help schools on a range of things - visits, work experience, live design briefs, competitions, training, whatever they can, whenever they can. It is all completely free and with no formal commitment from schools or companies. In Malaysia there are now 30 companies and 15 schools working together, impacting thousands of students. Local STEM and design events are posted on the website and students and parents sign up to get notifications of these direct to their inbox. 

After an exciting year and building up case studies and examples, teachers in Dubai and Singapore heard about the idea and it is being implemented there too.

It seems obvious to learn from industry. Technology curriculums are out-of-date as soon as they get to the classroom, never mind when they go through such long government validation processes. Whilst the core examination courses remain, teachers have the opportunity to link projects with real companies to show students why they are learning what they are, and what future pathways are open to them.

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Intended Outcomes
4 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
We use company expertise that is just around the corner of every school! Information is shared via the website and mailing lists. The real magic occurs when companies and schools meet...
HundrED Criteria
Youth Made Initiative - way to join schools and industry together to help design and improve education.
Youth Made Initiative enables a better understanding of future careers and what you can do with the subject. Learning outside of the classroom, some are classroom based and some are voluntary opportunities working to make it relevant for future careers.
This innovation is currently being used around Malaysia, Singapore and UAE.

See this innovation in action.

Great to see such passion in the local community about Design & Technology!
Student panel discussion at our recent launch event. With Paul Rennie OBE.
Companies sharing their work with students and the public at our recent launch...
Take a look at www.youthmadeinitiative.com


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Go to www.youthmadeinitiative.com to see if there is an initiative near you. If not, suggest it!
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