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EAFIT Children’s University

place Colombia

While Playing we learn, while asking we surprise, while talking we communicate, experimenting we do

EAFIT Children’s University has developed science communication activities enabling the exchange of ideas among the participants aiming to contribute to the education through the construction of knowledge and society transformation. This program provides teachers with new ideas so they can create strategies that bring their students closer to science in more fun, exciting, and memorable ways.


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March 2021
"I learned that empathy is essential, understanding that learning is not linear and that the traditional class is obsolete, you have to take advantage of all this technological and pedagogical tools".

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Strengthening the quality of teachers' pedagogical practices is a necessary task for the improvement of the country's educational system. For this, the EAFIT Children's University provides teachers with pedagogical tools to empower their students as authentic interlocutors regarding science and society. This makes possible an exchange of knowledge, questions and experiences between participants

What does your innovation look like in practice?

EAFIT Children’s University has consolidated the development of a new question-based pedagogical model with an innovative and unconventional didactic focus, in which real conversation predominates and spaces are created for scientific thinking and reflection. This program provides informal training for teachers with the goal of give strategies to motivate intellectual curiosity, active learning experiences, intellectual enjoyment and foster critical thinking in their students; seeking promote science’s education and communication through the social appropriation of scientific knowledge across workshops denominated: “Meetings questions”.
Among digital and analog strategies are: family science booklets, podcast, questions network, scientiofono, Club-serie "4 eyes"
More than 1522 teachers have participated in different training strategies, achieving transfers of the program's methodology, and around 400 schools have joined the program.

How has it been spreading?

Every year, nearly 280 teachers, 700 children and young people from 157 private and public schools participate at EAFIT Children’s University. The program unfolds through workshops, visits to laboratories, conversations with researchers, games, digital science-communication content, and questions on different topics.
Additionally, we develop 5 - 8 projects annually with national and international entities.
Over the last 16 years, we have impacted more than 3,280 teachers, 33,697 children, 572 schools and more than 80 projects.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Everyone can access our audiovisual content on web: https://www.eafit.edu.co/ninos/publicaciones/Paginas/inicio.aspx, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC49HjYHcKbOZGD8lUQ6mtsQ and https://soundcloud.com/uninoseafit
In 2020, we carried out more than 23 digital events, with more than 2000 participants in total, 43 videos, 31 podcasts and 15 interactive digital elements to communicate science

Spread of the innovation

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