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Triplet News

An application for transforming news into educational material

Triplet transforms the day’s news into educational material overnight. The application improves students’ media literacy and critical thinking skills through analyzing news. In addition, students will stay up-to-date on current events.

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March 2017
Kids are being flooded with information constantly. Triplet combines current affairs with educational content and teaches critical media literacy.

About the innovation

What is it all about?

Triplet is a media service for teachers, that uses daily news topics as a basis for classroom discussions and assignments. News can be dealt with pedagogically in a variety of ways by taking different age groups into consideration. The use of news stories in class improves students’ understanding of current affairs and plays an important role in the development of media literacy.

The service provides teachers with three news videos and articles each morning that include additional content and exercises to be used in class. The teacher can also prepare questions suited for the lesson in question alongside the pre-planned content.

By watching Triplet news videos and assessing the content provided and by completing the exercises related to the content, students learn to examine and analyze the influence and impact of media. In addition to current affairs, you can search for topics by category ie. by school subject.. Triplet can be accessed online and is available for mobile use (Android and iOS). The service is provided for teachers. Students do not have to log in.

Triplet is a free application aiming to assist in improving teachers' media education skills.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


Using media content such as news articles in teaching is made effortless for teachers.


The constant flow of information makes media literacy more relevant than ever.


Triplet can be implemented in every country in the local language and with local media partners.

Implementation steps

Triplet is already available in Finnish
For the time being, Triplet is available in Finnish and its content is created in collaboration with YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

You can register to use the service at The service is aimed at teachers, and on the front page you will find the three selected news items of the day, including exercisesfor students. You can also browse the news by topic or collection.

Triplet isn’t available in my language yet
Triplet requires maintenance resources and media collaboration. Do you know someone interested in launching the service in your country? Perhaps yourself? Contact us!

Spread of the innovation

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