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A network for sharing pedagogical know-how with developing countries

Teachers Without Borders

Marker Helsinki, Finland
Teachers without Borders is a project in which Finnish teachers plan and implement teacher training and support improving pedagogical know-how in the development cooperation country.

What is it all about?

“We’re sharing our knowledge and, at the same time, learning as well. We’re building a better future for children around the world by pedagogical means.”

Participants from Lauttasaari High School

The importance of developing education has been recognized internationally. High-quality education supports local communities and creates opportunities for a sustainable future. Well-trained and motivated teachers are a prerequisite for creating a quality education system.

Teachers without Borders is a Finnish volunteer network, coordinated by Finn Church Aid. It aims to develop the quality of education in the most fragile states of the world by supporting the pedagogical competencies of the teachers and developing a quality education system.

In practice, the Teachers without Borders network sends teachers and educational professionals on voluntary periods of 3 to 12 months to countries where support for the quality of education is needed.

In addition to increasing educational competencies of developing countries, the network aims to support global education in Finnish schools through the development and sharing of global education methods and learning material.

Joining is easy. The following steps provide you with three different ways to participate in the Teachers without Borders network.

Teachers without Borders has been active since 2014. Finnish teachers have been developing education in 11 countries: Eritrea, South Sudan, Haiti, Cambodia, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
Fundraising, the school’s engagement for several years, volunteer teachers and other actors.
HundrED Criteria
The model extends traditional development cooperation into the field of education, bringing grass-root actors together.
Teachers' pedagogical competence in the country of origin is directly applied to the day-to-day school life of the partner country.
The model requires commitment, but if the school has the resources at its disposal, the Finn Church Aid will help with practical arrangements.

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Joining the Teachers without Borders network
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Joining in with the whole school
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Addressing global education
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