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#TarkkaFyrkka Comic Workshop

place Finland

Cartoon drawing as a method of handling personal finances

#TarkkaFyrkka comic workshop is a lesson where students get to know basic information about credit information, payment defaults and personal financial management. Cartoon drawing is used to help participants to process these topics and serve an easy way of mirroring theme to their own life. In the workshop students gets the basic information mainly through participation and functional methods.

Financial Skills


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Financial Skills for the Youth

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September 2019
This was a really good workshop. I asked my colleagues' opinions about it beforehand and they all think that #TarkkaFyrkka workshops have been very good and the material is useful.

About the innovation

#TarkkaFyrkka Comic Workshop

The workshops are designed to encourage and inspire young people to think about their own financial management and to raise awareness of the importance of their own credit history. In the workshops young people are educated about the meaning of credit information, payment defaults and personal finances management through participatory and functional methods like cartoon drawing and role play exercises. By drawing cartoons, young people can bring outtheir own thoughts and statements or descriptions of these themes.

Young people, finances and contolling your economics join essentially together. Adolescence is a time when you become independent and take responsibility for your own life, including economic matters. This requires knowledge and support for the young people. There are big differences in young people's financial skills: some save on stock units and funds while others struggle with unpaid bills and insufficient income. The consumer society brings its own pressure as well as finding your own identity. In order for a young person to have control over his life, he must at least master the basics of his own financial management.

With the help of these workshops we want to help young people avoid financial problems andpayment defaults. We would also like to raise the awareness how to seek for help if you or your close ones face those issues.

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