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Banqer is an online tool that enables teachers to simulate financial experiences for students to get hands on managing personal finances


Melbourne, Australia
Banqer is a free online financial literacy tool that transforms the classroom (Year 2-8) into a virtual economy where students get to experience managing personal finances first-hand. Each student has their own online account and with the click of a few buttons, teachers can simulate everyday financial experiences such as: earning income, paying expenses and tax, and credit/debt.

Bringing financial education to life in the classroom

โ€œBanqer has helped our teaching units to come alive with authentic and easy to use modules that give the students sound financial literacy moving into the next phase of their lives. Students had heard some of these concepts from their parents but being able to engage with them safely in a simulated environment really challenged them with some real world, complex decisions similar to those we have to make as adults. โ€

David Richardson, Year 5 Teacher, St Thomas More School, Victoria

Banqer is a financial literacy tool designed to make financial education easy for teachers to deliver, as well as making it engaging and relevant for students. 

It is an experiential learning tool that enables teachers to transform their classroom into a virtual economy for students to earn, spend, save, trade and invest. Through interacting with the platform, students learn important financial concepts and develop money management skills. 

Teachers are supported with downloadable teaching resources on the financial concepts which include lesson plans, exercises and activities, and links to the Australian curriculum. Importantly, we appreciate teachers are super busy so Banqer is simple to set up and easy to manage. Moreover, it is made to be engaging for students.

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Innovation Overview
6 - 12
Age Group
1 357
Tips for implementation
Classrooms using Banqer require teacher and student access to a laptop or tablet, though it needn't be 1-1; once teachers have established the economy. Students can log on in their own time at home or in the library to check their accounts and make transactions/decisions.
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