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Tools for sharing knowhow and decision-making in the workplace


Marker Jyväskylä, Finland
“TACT – Thinking, Acting And Creating Together” is a collaborative online platform. When used correctly, TACT provides versatile ways to participate and transparency in the workplace. This innovation brings the school staff's skills and experience to light and gathers it in one place for easy access.

What is it all about?

Teachers are professionals valued all around the world. In order to stay on top of their profession, teachers must reflect on their work, invest in workplace communication and respond to the education challenges posed by the society.

Schools and other education institutes are growing constantly. Learning environments are growing and becoming more versatile and schools want to include active members of the community in their workplace, as well. Finding time to collaborate is challenging and school staff's limits are tested regularly.

Every education institution conducts many wonderful pedagogical experiments and find innovative solutions. These ideas and solutions, however, are difficult to implement institution-wide, let alone share with a wider education community. Furthermore, teachers want to use their limited face-to-face meetings to have meaningful conversations, not merely exchange and seek information.

Innovations, ideas and suggestions for experiments can come from individual teachers or be the result of a group-effort. If an experiment is conducted by an individual teacher, its results are often shared just in random coffee break conversations. This, however, is not a good way to improve the whole workplace.


TACT allows the whole workplace to participate as much or little as they wish in the organization's situations, events and tasks. The whole community gets to utilize the shared information and knowhow and the school management can easily track current projects.

You can implement the TACT platform of your choice at any time. We recommend that you launch it at the start of the school year so everyone can learn how to use the platform and visualize its potential.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
A shared cloud-based service (e.g. O365, G Suite), work laptops or tablets. Kickstarting the project is rapid but finishing the innovation takes time.
HundrED Criteria
There are few innovations that improve schools as workplaces. TACT provides a technology-based method to make schools more open workplaces that encourage participation.
Encouraging teachers to participate in the decision-making process. Clear information flow lightens the school management's workload.
Implementing the innovation requires robust basic resources from the school.

See this innovation in action.

TACT-auttamassa arjessa ja kehittämässä työyhteisöä


Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Mapping the needs and choosing the online platform
You can create your TACT platform on any online platform, such as O365 or G Suite.
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Inspiring people to adopt the new work culture
Make time to discuss the new platform among the whole work community.
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Forming a task force
Form a task force together with the school staff. The task force designs the use of the platform further. At first, they are in charge of the suggestions and their content shared on the platform. The team also trains and engages the rest of the staff to use the platform.
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The structure and contents of the platform
The needs mapped out in step 1 explain why collaboration is important. This aspect also defines the structure and contents of TACT.
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Introducing the model and organizing training
You should present the whole staff with the TACT platform, that is, how to use the platform chosen and the initiatives and content made by the task force.
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Using the platform every day
Input all your activities on the platform in a systematic way and steer the rest of the staff to participate in the joint decision-making process and improvement of your school.
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