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An innovative film-based learning module that reaffirms life-skills and values for students, parents & educators.

School Cinema

Bangalore, India
A groundbreaking pedagogical experience, School Cinema uses cinematic storytelling, emotional connect and visual appeal to address life’s challenges for children from Kindergarten to 12. It is a structured module that uses age relevant films substantiated with interactive workbooks and activities. School Cinema today is the largest producer of short films for children in India

Life Skills through Cinema

“A well-made film can teach lessons of life better than most teachers in schools today”

Syed Sultan Ahmed, MD & Chief Learner LXL Ideas

What we do?

We teach life skills and values through films, followed by activities and projects. We do extensive research to understand the issues that impact children of different ages. These issues are converted to film scripts and then into films by some of the finest professionals from the Indian Film Industry. Based on the film worksheets, activities and projects are designed. The program is suitable for children from kindergarten to grade 12. The issues covered by the films include - bullying, religious & cultural sensitivities, family values, sexuality, adolescence & puberty, emotions, self-esteem, humility, overcoming fear, anger management, citizenship etc.

We have devised a curriculum of 10 students films for every class + workbook + activities + projects. We also train the school teachers to implement the program. In addition to students films, we have exclusive films for Parents on Parenting Skills and Teachers on understanding children & teaching effectively.

Why we do it?

Life skills is an integral part of school learning and most educators across the world find it difficult to teach life skills to children. For over 2 decades we at LXL Ideas have implemented Life Skills programs for over 1 million children across India. Through our experience, we realised that scaling up of educational programs with the consistency of quality is very difficult as it is highly people dependent and it is a big challenge to find motivated teachers. We were looking for a medium that could enable us to reach out to children in large numbers, teach them important life skills and yet retain the consistency of messaging.

We experimented with Cinematic storytelling and through our research found that well-made films can teach life lessons very effectively. The film blends storytelling, emotions and entertainment all in one medium, thereby making them a lethal combination to teach. This knowledge led us to a journey of children’s film making 10 years ago. Under the School Cinema banner, we have produced over 150 children’s films, making us the largest producers children’s films in India.

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Innovation Overview
4 - 17
Age Group
1 500 000
Tips for implementation
Life skills is one of the most challenging aspects to teach children. School Cinema makes it the most entertaining and effective ways of teaching life lessons. It is designed to be implemented by the teachers/counsellors. Any school with basic AV facility can run the program effectively.
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