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Scholastic Esports


NASEF offers a scholastic approach to esports and gaming by intentionally using immersive project based learning curriculum to develop STEAM-based skills for ALL students to grow and thrive to be the next generation game-changers!



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Target group
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April 2023
NASEF's core philosphy mirros the concept of IKIGAI, helping students find their meaning and purpose in life. Specifically, NASEF provide any and ALL students exposure to STEAM curriculum and careers to grow and thrive through what they enjoy...connecting learning and play.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Traditional STEM based program generally lack diversity and target white males, females and Asian males. When researching how to improve diversity in STEM I saw millions of students playing online games. Thus, I created esports as a "trojan horse" to attract ALL students to a safe fun place to gather and then infused STEM curriculum and career opportunities into their play.

How does your innovation work in practice?

NASEF establishes Clubs where students are empowered through templated structures to serve on committees, build their website, social media, learn about all facets of the esports industry and beyond, https://www.nasef.org/curriculum and https://www.nasef.org/career-pathways

How has it been spreading?

NASEF grew from Clubs in 26 schools in Orange County CA in 2019 to now over 3,500 schools in the US including 26 State Affiliates and 32 country affiliates. NASEF's Club formation is FREE to any school and student worldwide. Our challenge as a global nonprofit is sustainable funding. NASEF currently relies on grants and philanthropy. NASEF recently launched an online Academy and professional development program for educations and we see that as part of our global financial growth in the coming years. Programmatically, NASEF is the esports curriculum of www.iesf.org, the world's largest esports association, and is currently working with the international olympic committee to become the IOC's education partner for esports.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Signing up for NASEF is free at the "Join NASEF" button on the website at www.nasef.org

Implementation steps

Join NASEF for FREE at www.nasef.org
Building the NASEF Club
After registration NASEF contacts the registrant to guide them through the "8 Steps to Success" on how to build and sustain a NASEF scholastic esports Club.
Additional Training and Professional Development
NASEF next provides a deep training to educators https://www.nasef.org/curriculum and shares additional PD should the educator want more. https://www.nasef.org/professional-development
the Club then can choose to participate in a variety of FREE esports competitions and programs https://www.nasef.org/competitive-esports https://www.nasef.org/minecraft-competitions https://www.nasef.org/btg-challenges

Spread of the innovation

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