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We build the pipeline of diverse leaders to design and launch the learning environments of tomorrow to transform outcomes for students.

Moonshot edVentures

Denver, United States
Moonshot edVentures invests in the leadership development of a set of local, underrepresented leaders to become school and program leaders, supports them to develop new learning environment models that look dramatically different, and provides them with the resources to launch, so that we can transform outcomes for students of color, traditionally underserved by our current education system.

What Makes Moonshot edVentures Unique?

“Moonshot lives up to its name. It is a fellowship that will challenge you to the extent of wanting to change the system and develop your ideas beyond what seems possible.”

Alejandro Fuentes, Cohort 2 Fellow

What we do?

Moonshot edVentures is leading the education revolution in Metro Denver. Our Fellowship allows individuals to explore designing and launching a new learning environment, such as a new school or program. Our three-stage program focuses on leadership development, designing and piloting your learning environment alongside communities, and supporting each Fellow on the best pathway to launch their venture. We do this work alongside a community of dedicated leaders, building meaningful connections to local and national networks.

Why we do it?

Moonshot edVentures envisions a learner-centered system, led by individuals who share and empathize with the experience of the students and communities they aim to serve, where all children become learners who persist through life and meaningfully contribute to their communities.

In Denver Public Schools, nearly three-quarters of students are children of color, while three-quarters of teachers are white. When students of color have teachers of color, their math and reading scores go up and their graduation rates and aspirations to go to college increase. In addition, they have fewer unexcused absences and report feeling cared about and academically challenged. It is clear that ameliorating the diversity gap in the educator workforce is critical to meeting the needs of underserved children of color and to closing the achievement gap between low-income students of color and their white peers.

However, students of color, in particular, are being excluded the opportunities to thrive. As a result, Moonshot invests in local leaders and schools, ensuring that students of color are afforded the learning experiences that will prepare them to thrive in life, and communities were part of creating these learning environments. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
10 000
Tips for implementation
Working harder, faster, and more efficiently with the same leadership won’t close the achievement gap for our students of color. We invest in leaders who come from the communities they aim to serve, ensuring long-lasting, sustainable change.
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