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The power of gameplay and formative assesment to boost teaching and learning.

Sapientia - Gamified and Formative Assesment

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Gamified application that allows the students to get involved in subject challenges, questions and problem solving, improving the learning process as a playful and engaging activity. It is a tool for formative assessment for teachers, which offers a simple and customizable metrics, scores and tracks from students, to increase qualified teaching, learning and self-regulation strategies.
 Lenise Clemens, Deputy Coordinator, Games for Change LATAM
I would like to congratulate everyone... amazing...

Lenise Clemens, Deputy Coordinator, Games for Change LATAM


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Updated on November 28th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Sapientia was born from the need of public school teacher for overcome the challenges of keeping students engaged and enhancing the formative assessment. The solution created gave rise to a platform with features that enables: set out student personals projects; obtaining performance metrics; checking the history and the progression of studies; promote classroom gameplay; challenges.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Formative Assessment functions:
-Set out student personals projects: information about his personal life project. Teacher can know the student's details and design personalized activities;
- Getting performance metrics: Evaluation metrics are available allow a teacher to “quantify” and “qualitative” student action;
- Checking the history and the progression of studies: registration and monitoring of pedagogical actions. These data can be accessed by the teacher, student and parents, in order to closely follow the educational development.
Gamification functions:
-Gameplay of classroom: As the scoring happens in the system, a reward create a ranking of the TOP 7 (the top seven students in the class) and motivate the students through achievement medals and the threat and possibility of defeating a master of knowledge;
- Challenge: the system has a field for creating and launching challenges for the classes, where students need to unite in order to defeat a boss.

How has it been spreading?

Already used in tests and validations carried out with students in schools from Esperança city , state of Paraíba (BRAZIL). With the participation of teachers from Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Portuguese Language, Art, History and Biology throughout the years 2019 and 2020. During COVID-19 Pandemia, the tool proved to be effective, allowing the engagement of students and enabling the monitoring of the entire learning process in an individual way, revealing the full potential of the platform in remote learning too. It has currently been used by over 100 teachers and over 1500 students. We are working in some new features anda plan to scale for 10.000 users in 2022, 20.000 users in 2023 and 40.000 users in 2024.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Download the app for Android or subscribe our web platform to make a try. Contact us:


Achievements & Awards

November 2021
Innovation page created on
October 2021
Sapientia reaches over than 1500 users__
April 2021
Public Investiment: Second Round__
March 2021
Sapientia selected for Catalisa Technnology, Science and Innovation acceleration, with more than 3000 projects running
February 2021
CCR Hackhathon Finalist
January 2021
Ideathon Winner
December 2020
Finalist Pitch for Change
June 2020
Official Sapientia Launch (full version: web and app)
May 2020
Sapientia app launch for Android
April 2020
Campus Mobile Challenge: finalist
March 2020
Public Investiment: First Round_
November 2019
Sapientia was selected in the state challenge "Masters of Education"
September 2019
Bett Educar Brazil give a Certified of "Educator" to Jorge Elo and Sapientia
April 2019
Sapientia first prototype was made
March 2018
An art teacher, Jorge Elo, birth the idea of Sapientia in a citizen public school from Paraiba state - Brazil

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