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Activating young citizens to solve local civic and environmental problems.

Reap Benefit

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Reap Benefit is building a tribe of problem-solving citizens who drive change in their local communities by solving everyday issues using local data, local solutions and local campaigns. The experiential learning is amplified by hands-on activities, Do-It-Yourself Solution kits, civic games and Reap Benefit’s technology platforms, which includes a Web App, a WhatsApp Chatbot, and a Civic Forum.
Nearly 75% of the youth we engage with have taken at least one civic action in the last 6 months. They now see the importance of their role as citizens to solve problems in their communities

Kuldeep Dantewadia, CEO and Co-founder

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45 000
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Updated on November 12th, 2021
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What is Reap Benefit?

Reap Benefit has activated 45000+ young people who have taken 94,821 civic actions in their communities that include reporting issues to local governance, initiating community campaigns and have built 500+ civic innovations that solve local problems in waste, water, sanitation and pollution.

Reap Benefit strives to be a platform that inspires and nurtures young people to flex their civic muscle by taking civic actions. The vision of the platform is to measurably increase the civic muscle of 10 million youth and create a network of 10,000 young civic leaders across India.

Reap Benefit works with youth through grassroots mentorship in schools and civic technology platforms that follow a simple 4-step experiential process:

a) Discover - Identifying local civic and environmental problems

b) Investigate - Collect quantitative and qualitative data to understand the problem better

c) Solve - Ideate, innovate and prototype solutions and campaigns

d) Share - Communicate data and solutions with local stakeholders and governance

Reap Benefit’s work has been acknowledged by Barack Obama and has received national recognition and awards by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, MIT GSW, Forbes, Times of India, CNN IBN and Unilever.


HundrED Academy Review

Clearly from the evidence, the impact on those participating is huge and the scalability is continuing so it deserves to be recognised for helping to challenge, engage and excite learners as well as those within their community. This is making a difference.

- HundrED Academy Member

I love the altruism and community spirit at the heart of this project. It certainly has the potential to be very transformative in a number of ways.

- HundrED Academy Member
Has reached large numbers in India at low cost using a DIY solution kit which provide young people with a process to engage in civic actions. The impact on creative skills is achieved by exploration, problem solving and collaboration with each other & with civic structures.
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High Scalability
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Achievements & Awards

October 2021
Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia
November 2020
May 2020
Won Vodafone Americas Foundation OpenIDEO Business Pivot Challenge
December 2017
First in Swachhathon Behaviour Change Category
December 2017
Reap Benefit's work mentioned by President Obama
December 2016
Finalists of Startup India
December 2016
Winner Urban Venture Labs
December 2015
Unreasonable Fellowship
December 2015
Winner Asha Stanford Google Innovation Challenge
November 2014
Listed in Forbes India 30 under 30
December 2013
Winner MIT GSW
December 2013
Ashoka India Fellowship

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