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Digital Citizenship Student Curriculum

A proactive, peer-to-peer curriculum designed to empower students to use social media positively.

The Digital Citizenship Student Curriculum is a proactive curriculum specifically designed by teachers to prevent negativity and promote digital safety and wellness in schools. The lessons in the curriculum will connect offline behavior with online behavior, encouraging deep thought, reflection, and positive change.

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May 2024
We created the curriculum to empower students to stand up for themselves and their peers; decrease online drama, which improves campus culture and decreases discipline issues; provide leadership roles for students by utilizing peer-to-peer help; create a common vocabulary to make it easier to address issues as a school; and open up dialogues about tough situations.

About the innovation

Peer to Peer Digital Citizenship Curriculum


#ICANHELP is creating a generation that’s not only tech-savvy but knows how to use Digital4Good. Our programs bridge the gap between knowing how to use social media and technology and learning how to use them positively to build strong school communities and become good digital citizens.

What is #ICANHELP?

Negative online behavior is linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and suicide in kids and teens. Just because students understand the mechanics of social media and digital technology doesn’t mean they know how to deal with issues like cyberbullying, harassment, privacy, and safety. #ICANHELP’s mission is to empower students with the tools and training they need to protect themselves, develop their digital media toolkit, and use social media positively.

Student-led Empowerment

Our Digital Citizenship Student Curriculum puts students in the driver’s seat. It has over 50 peer-to-peer workshops, activities, and lesson plans on digital citizenship to help students build positive communities both on AND offline. It teaches them to connect offline behavior with online behavior and explore the impact their actions⁠—both positive and negative⁠—have on themselves and their peers. Students learn how to respond to negativity, report inappropriate behavior, and positive, safe ways to engage in social media.

Student-powered Community

To support kids’ and teens’ emotional and mental wellbeing outside of the classroom, #ICANHELP also has a social media community run by Student Interns. These student leaders design and run social campaigns to grow and amplify #ICANHELP’s impact. From fun challenges and instructional videos to sharing how students are using social media to create positive change, their mission is to engage with as many kids as possible and create a world-wide youth community that uses #Digital4Good.

Lead interns are supported by a team of student volunteers who help create engaging, positive content for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more. Not only do students make an impact and help grow our online community, but they develop their writing, design, project management, and technical skills.

Each year, our interns and volunteers collaborate with a team of adult mentors from companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to put on our annual #Digital4Good Summit that recognizes outstanding student organizations who are using social media and digital technology to drive positive change in their communities. This LiveStream event showcases student initiatives, educational panels, and keynote speakers to help spread awareness and amplify #ICANHELP’s reach and impact.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Empowerment and Digital Wellness educates and encourages students to use social media in a positive way. Highly practical within the school context and developing a culture of togetherness and not of division. Over 400000 students in two countries have used the innovation demonstrating some degree of scalability so far.

HundrED Academy Reviews

Very holistic and well-structured program (as far as I can see from the outside). Not only for educating the students but also the teachers training and parental education, this approach is much needed globally. We would love to have this innovation in package in many languages.

The reach of the project in the last 6 years has clearly been huge as has the impact with those that the group have worked with. Supporting pupils to reflect and consider the way that they can help develop positivity within others is a wonderful concept.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Roadmap: #ICANHELP Educate
1. Become a Digital4Good District Community
2. Appoint a Digital4Good District + Site Changemaker
3. Implement Digital4Good Curriculum and Strategies

Spread of the innovation

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