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Kinvara Jardine Paterson

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How do we engage children with the SDGs?

Project Everyone: World's Largest Lesson

United Kingdon
We produce free and creative resources for educators to teach lessons, run projects and stimulate action in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our resources are created to be action-focused and student led, fostering skills of empathy, creativity and communication in learners.

What is World's Largest Lesson?

Alison Bellwood, Director
“World's Largest Lesson is not just about sitting in a classroom and learning something, it's about using the real world around you to create a bridge between traditional learning and active based learning; encouraging children to take action, self reflect and change their lifestyle. ”

Alison Bellwood, Director

The World’s Largest Lesson brings the Global Goals to children all over the world, reaching over 130 countries and millions of children since its launch in September 2015.

We produce free and creative resources for educators to teach lessons, run projects and stimulate action in support of the Goals. At the heart of our resources sit animated films written by Sir Ken Robinson, animated by Aardman and introduced by figures students know and respect, like Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Malala Yousafzai, Kolo Touré, Neymar Jr, Hrithik Roshan and Nancy Ajram. These films establish a context for the Goals and inspire students to use their creative powers to support and take action for them.

We operate under a non-commercial creative commons licence and encourage you to share it widely.

Produced by Project Everyone and delivered in partnership with UNICEF and many NGOs, private sector organisations and foundations, the World’s Largest Lesson reaches students through multiple channels. Ministries of Education are invited annually to take part. NGOs distribute digital content through their networks and education organisations, both for and non-profit, encourage participation through their communities.

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
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8 000 000
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Tips for implementation
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Contact information
Kinvara Jardine Paterson
HundrED Review

It’s rare for educators right across the world to have access to creative resources produced by Oscar winners and artists. That’s what we’ve tried to do with our films and comics. We believe they deserve to be given the best and most creative tools for the job we are asking them to do.


Using the Global Goals (also known as Sustainable Development Goals) as a frame for learning and action is current and relevant. There’s a real sense of excitement in students when they know that it doesn’t matter where they live or what language they speak they all share the same ambition for the world.


It’s scalable because it’s easy! We believe that if we open the door to learning about Sustainability with the World’s Largest Lesson then the response from students will inspire schools to take on action projects on their own. This authentic learning is what young people want.


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World's Largest Lesson Live
World's Largest Lesson Cameroon 2017
English - World's Largest Lesson Part 3
Malala introducing the The Worlds Largest Lesson


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