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The School of Environmental Leadership is a project-based, environment-focused program that emphasizes development in leadership.

School of Environmental Leadership

San Rafael, United States
The four-year SEL program is designed to give students ownership and independence over their educational experience by integrating academics, leadership, career skills, project management, and community service. Our mission is to transform public education with a focus on the four critical 21st Century skills, through the lens of the environment.

What is School of Environmental Leadership?

“The four-year program is designed to give students increasing ownership and independence over their educational experience.”

The School of Environmental Leadership seeks to develop socially responsible, ecologically literate, and economically aware leaders of tomorrow. Students of The SEL are empowered to address real-world challenges through a rigorous, project-based learning curriculum focused on the environment and sustainability. We integrate academics, leadership development, public speaking, creative arts, technology, engineering, project management, reflection, and community service to create a vibrant learning environment to prepare our youth as knowledgeable, passionate, creative, and respectful participants in our global community. SEL Curriculum focuses on 21st century skills with an emphasis on the “Four C’s”: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.

The four-year education plan for The SEL is designed to give students increasing ownership and independence over their educational experience and career goals. Each year, students are exposed to a new interdisciplinary theme in their classes. Freshman year is “The World Around Us,” where SEL students are immersed in the world and environmental issues around them. Sophomore year is “Community Leaders,” a time for students to put into practice their critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills to make a meaningful difference in their community. Junior year the focus is on “Innovative Designs,” where SEL students embark on a year full of innovation and creation through Sustainable Design and Engineering and Sustainable Enterprise implementation. Students identify critical environmental challenges, design opportunities to address them, develop business plans, and launch their new initiatives. The final year of the SEL journey is about “Being a Part of the Solution.” The defining experience of Senior year is the SEL Senior Internship program in which students work in for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations on projects related to their career goals. After completing four years with The SEL, students are equipped and inspired to become leaders for the 21st century.  

The vision of The SEL is to transform public education through an integrated, standards-based, UC A-G approved academic and CTE curriculum in which teachers and students collaborate across grade levels and disciplines. The SEL is a “school within a school” located within a comprehensive public high school. The SEL’s flagship school opened in 2011 and is located in Marin County, CA, commonly referred to as MarinSEL.  

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