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Alex Wu

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Do you want students to be more engaged with their reading?


New York, United States
An instructional content platform that brings together engaging, accessible content with integrated assessments and insights to supercharge reading engagement and learning in every subject.

What is Newsela?

Matthew Gross, Founder & CEO, Newsela
“We are aiming to improve reading comprehension, knowledge acquisition and reading motivation among students of all abilities.”

Matthew Gross, Founder & CEO, Newsela

Every teacher knows that students often tune out when reading at school. Young people are so used to interacting with great digital content outside of the classroom, but their experiences of reading static textbooks in school rarely measure up. 

With Newsela, reading can be every teacher's most powerful learning tool. This instructional content platform solves the problem of reading engagement holistically for students, teachers and principals. Newsela offers fresh, adaptive reads for every subject, combined with assessment tools such as quizzes, annotations and writing prompts. 

Learners can access dynamic, game-changing content from premier sources such as the Washington Post, Smithsonian and Biography.com, covering topics students care about. Every article comes in 5 reading levels, tailored to the skill level of each reader. As learners pick up new literacy skills, the language becomes more sophisticated.

Assessments are integrated directly into articles to help students engage with the content and to give teachers and principals actionable insights on students’ activity and progress that can be used to improve learning outcomes. The platform's most important function is to enable teachers to assess students' abilities in real time and then adjust their instruction right away. 

As well as improving reading skills in general, Newsela aims to boost learners' media literacy. By pairing news consumption with reading comprehension practice, Newsela helps students to develop the higher-order critical thinking skills they need to vet information on their own.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
5 794
Tips for implementation
One enthusiastic teacher can introduce Newsela to their school. Students will need access to devices, such as smartphones, laptops or desktops, and the internet.
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Alex Wu
HundrED Review

Newsela delivers an engaging digital experience to learners that is differentiated and relevant, deepens critical thinking, forges connections and helps students to make sense of what they’re learning.


With Newsela, students can access texts from world-class sources at their own reading level. Newsela offers an enriched reading experience that is engaging and promotes critical thinking.


Newsela is used worldwide in both English and Spanish. There are currently over 9 million users, including 1.3 million educators, in the growing Newsela network. The platform can be easily rolled out across schools and districts, and allows teachers to manage and assign their instructional content all from one place.


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Get set up with Newsela
Teachers interested in using Newsela in their classrooms can sign up on the Newsela website.
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Participate in training
Training is on offer to help teachers to make the most out of Newsela in their classrooms.
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Set students up for success
Newsela offers a wide variety of resources to supercharge students' reading and learning experiences.
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Connect with peers
Join the Newsela community to collaborate and share ideas with other members.
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Assess, iterate and reassess
Newsela makes keeping track of students' progress easy.
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