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How can you support design learning through a space and activities?

Mutku Maker Space

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The innovation transforms a school space into an environment that supports creative thinking and brainstorming. The space plays a part in design education, as well. Mutku Maker Space provides a creative learning lab where students can learn about the design process in imaginative ways.
Every day is like a Pop Up school day at the Mutku Maker Space.

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Updated on May 17th, 2022
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What is it all about?

Today, schools face a challenge: teaching more cross-curricular modules and phenomena and posing students questions without clear answers. We must answer this challenge with practical tools and facilities supporting creative instruction that motivates students to participate.

Maker culture highlights collaboration and learning by experimenting. It mixes practice and theory to produce playful and curiosity-inducing ways to study the variety of phenomena in the world.

Mutku Maker Space at Arabia comprehensive school in Helsinki expands the traditional technology-based maker culture to include traditional craftsmanship as well as creative problem-solving and learning about the design process. The spirit of experimentation allows children to learn from their mistakes together and have successes as well as eureka moments.

Mutku Maker Space is a creative lab and a teaching space built inside the school. There children learn about design and the different steps of the design process by doing. This space for creative learning allows students to innovate at their own skill level and solve challenges that they face everyday.

The space is especially suited to kickstart a creative process and move through it step by step. First, observing it, brainstorming and experimenting, and finally sharing the idea and developing it further. The students can work on their projects during other lessons and in other spaces at school, as well.

Mutku Maker Space is built to fit the resources available in the school through workshops and participation from the whole school. This allows every creative learning lab to be unique and fit the school.


HundrED Academy Review


The space provides an excellent environment for phenomenon-based, collaborative learning.


Providing tools for students to be creative and solve problems in an environment set for curiosity.


You can tailor the space to fit your school environment.


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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Getting to know the model
These steps introduce the Mutku Maker Space model. Together, you can think how they could be introduced to your school.
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Brainstorming workshop with the students
Hold a brainstorming workshop for the students on the implementation and use of the Mutku Maker Space.
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Building a development team and sharing responsibilities
Appoint a development team of teachers to work on the makerspace. Use the school's existing knowhow on art and physical education by including these teachers in your team.
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Designing the space and activities and how to implement them
Hold a meeting for the development team after the brainstorming workshop for students. Discuss the students' ideas and choose a concept you will implement. Then you can assign more specific responsibilities and make a timetable for the tasks.
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Opening the space and experimenting
Once you finish the space, host an opening where you can explain the building process and how the space will be used by the whole school community.
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