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A fun game for learning how to manage personal finances

Money Flow Challenge

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Money Flow Challenge allows young people to learn about key issues in managing personal finances, from planning income and expenses to investment and loans, all through a game!
We wanted to create a completely new and fun way to learn the most important things about managing your personal finances.

- Mikko Tavi, Planago


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Updated on May 17th, 2022
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What is Money Flow Challenge?

Managing one’s finances and making smart choices with money can be challenging for many young people. Today, different financing options make it possible to shop for things without your own money, which leads to people taking quick loans with high interest rates. It's vital to teach young people the skills needed to stay in control of their finances. 

Money Flow Challenge is designed to be fun and easy to play. It's a game that every teacher can incorporate easily into their lessons, without being a financial planning expert. 

Money Flow Challenge seeks to create discussion around financial planning in the classroom. The students play up to five levels to learn the skills needed for financial management, from planning income and expenditure, eventually making investments and using loans to fund various purchases. 

The approach was inspired by the need to break down the different elements of financial planning in a fun, gamified way that hadn't previously been offered to children. 

Money Flow Challenge was chosen as the game of the year in the 2016 Finnish Game Awards. It is aligned with the new Finnish curriculum’s content area for teaching financial responsibility in high school and was made in co-operation with the Finnish National Board of Education.

University of Vaasa did a two year research project relating to Game-Based Financial Education which Money Flow Challenge participated. The research project was completed during the fall of 2018. Research concluded that bringing Money Flow Challenge into classroom as a study material increased students interest into the topic and it helped them to learn personal finance related issues better.

Money Flow Challenge is available in all countries where Apple App store or Google Play are available. The user interface outside of Finnish market is currently in English so any teacher and students who are able to understand English can test the game. Money Flow Challenge is considering the possibility of creating a user interface in an additional languages if we get positive feedback from our game from certain markets.

Money Flow Challenge is searching for pilot schools globally for example from English-speaking or Nordic countries.


HundrED Academy Review


Finances can seem abstract to young people, but by using a gamified approach, with real world examples, Money Flow Challenge makes learning about finances engaging and fun.


Learning about managing personal finances from an early age can help people to be in control of their money and to reduce financial difficulties in adult life.


Learning to manage personal finances is an important part of life and many young people around the world face the same challenges when it comes to understanding finances. That's why we believe the Money Flow Challenge concept could be used effectively around the world.


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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Downloading the game
The Money Flow Challenge game can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices and from the Money Flow Challenge's website.
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Creating a group for the class
Create a group username to give to your students. This will allow you to track the progress of all class members who have joined the group.
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Gameplay and the virtual teacher
Let the games begin! Allow about an hour in total to play through the game.
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Working through the levels
There are 5 levels to the game, each covering a different topic.
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Keeping track of the game and discussion
Using the group log in, the teacher can follow the progress of their own students on the website.
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