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A theme day for creating dialogue between students and decision makers

Members of Parliament go to School

Social studies can feel unfamiliar to children and young people. With this innovation, students get the opportunity to see how members of Parliament work and talk about issues that concern their local area.

What is it all about?

“One of the more valuable things of having members of Parliament visit schools is the dialogue it creates between students and members of Parliament.”

People who are in the position to make decisions must have an understanding of schools that is based on what actually happens in schools – not hearsay or preconceptions. Getting members of Parliament to visit schools is an easy way to update their knowledge of schools. The idea of the innovation is to challenge every member of Parliament to spend a day in their local school.

Creating a forum for discussion between students and politicians is as important as giving members of Parliament a chance to experience school. Students get the opportunity to ask questions about issues they care about and even challenge the visiting member of Parliament to explain their position better.

The Q&A gives members of Parliament the opportunity to talk about democracy, their work and how the Parliament works; which gives students a good overview on how society and decision making works in real life. It also increases students’ understanding of how they can affect change in society, whether it’s through who they vote for or through other means such as petitioning or protesting.

This innovation can be organized on a big or small scale: at its simplest it can be a Q&A with a member of parliament with no additional activities. Schools can schedule and plan the event to best suit themselves. Several MPs could visit a school at the same time to create a panel debate which could bring additional value.

A school can organise the MP’s visit by themselves, but you can also work together with the Parliament. In Finland, ‘Members of Parliament go to School’ was organized by the Finnish Parliament as a theme week that was part of the Finland 100 centennial celebrations.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
Time for preparation and organization, the willingness and time of an MP or local representative to come into the school.
HundrED Criteria
Students and Members of Parliament come face to face in an authentic way as students learn how parliament operates.
Students are given the opportunity to share their thoughts with politicians.
The model may be scaled into primary, secondary or upper secondary schools on any suited level of government officials.

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Inviting an MP
Take the MP’s schedule into consideration when deciding on a date.
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Planning the day
Once you know the time and date and which MP will be visiting your school, you can move on to planning the day’s program. Have students participate!
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Visiting day
Here is an example of how the day could progress. You can and should adapt it to suit your school and the schedule of the MP.
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After the day
Continue discussing social themes with the students after the MP’s visit. This ensures the visit won’t feel unconnected to regular school days.
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