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Lab4U turns smartphones into pocket labs and empowers educators to teach inspiring science classes based on inquiry and exploration.

Lab4U leverages smartphone technology and develops inquiry-based learning experiences to ensure ALL students have access to a hands-on science education. Lab4U’s solutions--Lab4Physics, Lab4Chemistry, and Lab4Biology--include a mobile app, Teacher Portal, and professional development for educators, permanently shifting the way science is taught in Latin America and the world.

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June 2019
Before, physics was really tedious. With Lab4Physics, my routine changed and physics became simpler and more fun. It's really dynamic.

About the innovation

What is Lab4U

What we do? Smartphone technology is increasingly ubiquitous among young people, with penetration rapidly increasing in low-income communities in the developing world. Lab4U takes advantage of the powerful built-in sensors of these devices (accelerometer, camera, microphone, etc.) to transform smartphones into learning tools. Lab4U allows students to gather, view, manipulate and analyze experimental data in real time through the use of an engaging mobile app, without the need for expensive external sensors or equipment. This technology is paired with rigorous, inquiry-based lab reports and class plans that accompany each experiment available on the mobile app. Lab4U works tirelessly to ensure learning experiences are adapted to the needs and unique contexts of the communities it serves and works closely with teachers to ensure we reach our vision: that all students, regardless of their background or socioeconomic level, have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by science.

So far, more than 100,000 students and teachers have used Lab4U's products, primarily in Chile, Mexico, and the United States. Currently, Lab4Physics and Lab4Chemistry are available for students aged 13-18, with Lab4Biology and Lab4Science (late elementary and middle school) currently in development. In a 2018 Randomized Control Trial (RCT) in Sinaloa, Mexico, Lab4Physics was shown to have a positive and significant impact on physics knowledge, student self-perception, and interest in studying STEM in the future.

Why we do it? Inequity in the public education system is especially pronounced in science, where learning by doing is key. Unfortunately, lab-based classes require lab infrastructure, which is beyond the reach of many schools due to limited space, and high equipment and maintenance costs. In Latin America, our home region, up to 88% of schools lack science labs and many teachers lack certifications in the subject areas they teach. As a result, most young people have a theoretical science education, which is uninspiring at best and may contribute to disinterest, disengagement, and high dropout rates. It also leads to low scientific literacy and lack of interest in STEM careers in many regions of the world, at a moment when STEM knowledge and skills are more important than ever.

We believe all students have the right to an engaging, rigorous, and relevant science education. Through our work, we seek to unlock the full potential of the young people in Latin America and the world by developing high-impact, low-cost tools to democratize access an engaging and meaningful science education and allowing millions of students living healthier, happier, more informed and productive lives. We believe the next Einstein or Marie Curie could be in a classroom anywhere in the world. Discovering her is a matter of inspiring her.

What we're working on: Currently, Lab4U is expanding our curricular coverage in physics and chemistry to deepen our support teachers and learners. We are also developing Lab4Biology to allow students everywhere access to a microscope in their pocket. Lab4Science, scheduled for launch in late 2020, will allow late elementary and middle school students and their teachers to access our inquiry-based tools and content, allowing Lab4U to become a solution for young people at all stages of their educational journey in science. We're also deepening our partnerships in the public and private sectors, which will allow us to reach tens of thousands of students in the coming year. We're especially interested in partnerships that will allow us to deepen our impact in public schools in Chile, Mexico, Latin America, and beyond.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Lab4U is changing the mindset around science class. It is no longer isolated to a time and place but rather happening around us. By allowing students the opportunity to engage in learning by exploring the topics and themes, they can enrich their understanding. The technology aspect allows for scalability.

HundrED Academy Reviews
The innovation addresses lack of lab equipment in schools. It is highly scalable taking into account the number of smartphones at the hands of students.
Interesting approach and great idea to use the mobile phones and bring learning available for students in their own environment.
- Academy member
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High Impact
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Education needs a reset to be fit for the 21st century
‎Lab4U Talks Español on Apple Podcasts
‎Lab4U Talks on Apple Podcasts
What is Lab4Chemistry?
To see Lab4Chemistry in action click here or visit: https://vimeo.com/345085477
What is Lab4Physics? See Lab4Physics in action!
See Lab4Physics in action! Click here or visit: https://vimeo.com/297804503
Smithsonian Magazine: This App Puts a Science Lab in Your Pocket: Lab4U turns smartphones and tablets into scientific tools
From the April, 2017 issue of Smithsonian Magazine: "Most everyone seems to agree that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is the way of the future. STEM educated workers are in high demand and have a low unemployment rate. And college graduates with STEM degrees earn far more than their non-STEM peers."To read the rest of the article, please click here or visit https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/app-puts-science-lab-your-pocket-180962796/#cBjUgvyyeKKEtSYj.99
Inter-American Development Bank report on Lab4U: "What is this for?" Scientific inquiry as a key to teaching 21st century STEM skills
In 2018, an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)-sponsored randomized control trial (RCT) measured the impact of Lab4Physics on 4,868 46 high school students in introductory physics classes in Sinaloa, Mexico. After a semester of using Lab4Physics with their teachers, who had been trained in Lab4U’s methodology, students showed a significant increase in:Physics knowledge, Self-perception with respect to physics, and Their interest in studying STEM in the future.To see the full IDB study, please click here or visit: https://publications.iadb.org/en/what-scientific-inquiry-key-teaching-21st-century-stem-skillsTo see a video of the project (Spanish with English subtitles), please click here or visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hdgoauYeHM

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