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Squared ippo kansikuva
A unit for teaching learning skills and finding one’s strengths


Marker Hollola, Finland
The Ippo unit is built on sessions about different strengths. These sessions can be part of lessons in any subject. This unit helps students recognize their own strengths and build their learning skills.

What is it all about?

“Ippo introduces the world of learning to everyone.”

- Johanna Kivekäs, SEN teacher

Curiosity leads to learning, but to be able to face the challenges after that initial spark of curiosity, you also need to have the skills to learn. These challenges can include remembering things, understanding the way you learn, maintaining a positive attitude or processing information.

Learning skills refer to the information, skills, attitudes, and abilities that help you learn new things and maintain the desire to continuously develop yourself. Developing learning skills requires active practice, recognizing one’s strengths, encouragement from others and finding joy in learning the things you want to learn.

Learning skills are especially beneficial when faced with challenging topics. Learning skills strengthen your self-confidence and your ability to work independently. Useful skills to learn include academic skills such as reading techniques, finding information, communication and listening skills; learning skills, such as recognising your learning strategies; and being able to evaluate your learning, such as self and peer evaluation skills.

Ippo is a teaching tool that helps teachers plan their lessons in a way that focuses on learning skills. Ippo includes eleven learning sessions that each take about 90–120 minutes. Every session is comprised of six different parts. Teachers can cherry pick the sessions or parts that their class needs – or use the whole Ippo unit as a part of their teaching.

After completing the whole learning unit, students have a greater ability to control their learning and understand the amount of work required to learn new things.

The steps describe both the structure of the Ippo unit (steps 1–2) and the contents of each session (steps 3–13) in more detail.

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Intended Outcomes
6 - 15
Age Group
Resources Needed
Smartphones and tablets are useful, but not necessary
HundrED Criteria
Ippo combines teaching learning skills with improving students’ understanding of themselves.
The learning skills students acquire help them to actualize and reach their potential, and broaden their horizons.
This innovation can be applied to different types of curricula and environments; the skills are universal.

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Map Ippo: Using maps to take notes
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Game Ippo: Using post-its and memory games to take notes
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Drawing Ippo: Using drawings and posters to take notes
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