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Using modern technology to support creativity

INTO SCHOOL is a unique Finnish education concept & a complete teacher training program with the global goal of having creative and inclusive STEAM learning as an integral part of education. We bring arts, creativity & technology to ECEC and K-12 education!

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Target group
March 2017
I’ve received clear feedback that INTO SCHOOL was the best training that the city has ever offered the preschool staff. We need to continue this!

About the innovation

What is it all about?

INTO SCHOOL was launched in 2017 at EDUCA fair in Helsinki together with Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, the Minister of Education in Finland.

INTO SCHOOL program is an efficient answer to the objectives and challenges posed by the 21st century, preparing children with necessary future skills by:

* INSPIRING children to take on a creative journey through music, storytelling, arts and drama

* NARROWING the gap between arts, technology and science

* OFFERING expertise in digital technology from kindergarten to high school

* CREATING new experiential pedagogical approaches and learning environments

* STRENGTHENING the role and status of creativity and collaboration in education

INTO SCHOOL is built on best pedagogical practices available. It offers new perspectives and widely applicable knowledge for future-focused learning, teacher education and in-service training. The program offers the latest and the most relevant data as well as the know-how on how technology-supported creative project-based learning can be implemented in varying contexts of tomorrow’s education.

The implementation of the INTO SCHOOL program consists of two overlapping components: providing teachers in-service training in authentic environments and carrying out creative projects in schools and preschools.

INTO SCHOOL offers know-how and tangible tools to integrate technology into creative and multidisciplinary learning. The program raises awareness of different ways to apply modern digital tools in creative ways in schools, kindergartens and teacher education institutes.

There are great differences in available resources, technical equipment, and technical know-how in different schools and educational levels. Our program aims to enable and improve efficient utilization of technology also in schools and communities with modest premises and resources available.

In order to continuously evaluate and develop the pedagogic model, it is vitally important for us to include ongoing academic research and extensive feedback from the field. As academic partners we have University of Cologne (Germany), University of the Arts (Finland) and University Pompeu Fabra (Spain).

Spreading INTO SCHOOL across borders can be a game changer for education and more equal future, worldwide.

INTO SCHOOL has received extremely positive feedback on the quality of program and on how it is organised. All the participants and the education providers, headmasters, teachers, children and parents have found the program very successful.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


This innovation shows how you can make music with the help of technology without any previous experience.


Students work together on the project to learn new things and improve their self-confidence.


As long as you have access to a few tablets, you can implement this innovation.

Implementation steps

Contacting INTO SCHOOL
If you represent a municipality, city, or school, contact members of the INTO SCHOOL team:

Janne HiedanniemiProducer, Educator &

Tuomas HiedanniemiProducer, Educator &

Kari SaarilahtiProducer, Educator &

Tell us that you are willing to organise an INTO SCHOOL program in your area or at your school.

Discuss the practical details, the timetable and any expenses that might apply.

Orientation to INTO SCHOOL Program

The participants will learn the framework of the INTO SCHOOL Teachers Training Program and its components.

INTO SCHOOL Teacher Training

INTO SCHOOL Teacher Training provides participants with expert facilitators and first-hand insight into how technology is being used in an education setting to create more creative and engaging learning.

The close connection between didactics and practice forms the basis for the training and allows you to practically apply know-how into practise with the support of your peers.

The training includes hands-on exercises and pedagogic applications in small groups, and it gives the opportunity for the collegial exchange of thoughts and experiences. The training offers teachers concrete tools and inspiring, well-proven action-based methods for utilising modern digital technology in music and art education as well as in STEAM learning.

The training package consists of training, mentoring and work closely related to a teacher’s job in schools and kindergartens as well as in an electronic learning environment. The e-learning material makes up a portfolio of skills that can be added to each teacher’s individual professional development plan. The program generates a network of experts and skilled people through which knowhow and new pedagogic methods are harnessed for use in all schools and kindergartens.

Creative INTO SCHOOL Projects in schools and kindergartens

INTO SCHOOL is committed to supporting and enabling teachers to achieve and maintain their professional skills, knowledge and competence.

In each school, INTO SCHOOL Program is integrated into several subjects, thus forming a natural cross-curricular, transversal competence module. Subjects such as music, drama, native language, visual arts and media education collaborate on cross-curricular themes. The action-based way of working emphasizes each pupil’s creativity and inclusion as well as the joy of working together.

The end results of the pupils’ creative work are presented in concerts, events, theme days as well as on digital platforms to the entire school community and parents, so that they are able to see their child’s evolving skills and creativity in a new context.

Spread of the innovation

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