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The student-centered model for digital content production

Hug me! – collaborative digital learning

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This model focuses on coaching learners towards emergent leadership; the ability to steer things in the right direction without the authority to do so, through social competence using collaboratively digital tools and environments. A model to use learners' hidden competences and intrinsic motivation in digital learning processes.
The Hug me! - innovation improves student agency, proactivity and entrepreneurship skills. It creates a foundation for collaborative digital learning and the improvement of socio-emotional skills.

Marja-Leena Bilund


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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What is it all about?

According to a PISA study, 15 percent of Finnish students feel left out and even more feel unmotivated at school. Schools must change in order to stay meaningful to students and fill the gap between students' and teachers' digital skills. Teaching methods and tools should provide students with the means necessary to cope in their personal lives as well as in the working life. These skills include socio-emotional skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking, creativity as well as collaborative skills.

Hug me! strides to answer this need with student-centered collaborative digital content projects. The projects improve the students’ sense of agency, proactivity and entrepreneurship skills while creating a foundation for collaborative digital learning and improving socio-emotional skills.

Hug me! aims for transversal competence stated in the new Finnish national core curriculum of 2014; thinking and learning to learn, cultural competence, interaction and self-expression, taking care of oneself and managing daily life, multiliteracy, ICT Competence, working life competence and entrepreneurship, participation, involvement and building a sustainable future.

The innovation allows students to create their own digital projects in groups. They choose the tools and methods themselves as well as the phenomenon itself. A solution-based approach and autonomy are key elements for the successful implementation of the model.

Instructors encourage the students to face themselves as well as their hopes, fears and thoughts. Through this self-examination they learn to understand others – we have more in common than not. The group is a safe space to take chances and eliminate fears of failure or embarrassment.

The innovation instructs teachers how to implement content production into collaborative learning among students.



HundrED Academy Review


In this solution-based collaborative learning, socio-emotional skills and digital content are linked together to make learning an adventure and help students to find the joy of learning through digitalization in school.


The impact of our solution can be seen in students’ experiences that are linked to 21st century's future skills and in intrinsic motivation Collaborative skills, negotiation skills and flexibility; students learn to listen to each other and tolerate different people and ideas.


By using digital tools and platforms sourced by Cuppla and Claned and developed for Hug me!, teachers and students can collect all digital content into one location and share the content with each other. This solution combines device and learning management and supports collaborative learning. It can be used anytime, anywhere.


See this innovation in action

Tunne tunteesi - jokainen on tunnekasvattaja
Tunne tunteesi - some on maailma, jossa toimimiseen tarvitaan teknologiataitojen lisäksi kykyä tuntea itsensä ja tunteensa - Kuka olen? Kuka sinä olet? Mitä haluan jakaa toisille itsestäni? Erilaiset alustat ja välineet tarjoavat ajankohtaisen, innostavan keinon tutustua itseensä ja toisiin ihmisiin uudesta näkökulmasta. Mahdollisuuden käsitellä arkojakin aiheita median avulla. Samalla opitaan mitä ja miten kannattaa jakaa ja toimia somessa. Tunne tunteesi - työskentelyssä rakennetaan oppilaan itsetuntemusta ja minäkuvaa positiivisella tavalla tekonologian keinoin. Oppilaita ohjataan käsittelemään erilaisia tunteitaan; sanoittamaan ja kuvittamaan sisäistä puhettaan kuvien, videoiden kautta. He tekevät kuvien ja videoiden avulla näkyväksi mm. omia pelkojaan, unelmiaan, omia tavoitteitaan elämässään. Työskentelyssä oppilaat toimivat itse tuottajina käsikirjoittaen, ohjaten, kuvaten ja editoiden fiktiivisistä digitarinoista dokumentteihin. Oppiessaan tunnistamaan ja kohtaamaan omia tunteitaan lisääntyy samalla ymmärrys toisia kohtaan - opitaan ymmärtämään ja hyväksymään erilaisuutta median keinoin - välineen kautta joka on kaikkien käytössä, mutta jonka monipuolisia mahdollisuuksia harvat hyödyntävät.
Riita 1
An other wayPupils are learning future life skills creating videos of the challenging situations in their own lives. The topics are chosen by the pupils; the problems that are daily usual. They shoot two different kind of  solutions of the situation. After watching the video together in the classroom the topic is disscussed with the pupils. 
"Let´s talk about children" Model - teachers, children and families together
“Let´s talk about children “ ModelThe purpose and goal of the „Let’s Talk About Children“ Model is to support positive parenthood and child development, and can be categorised as belonging to the fields of health promotion and disorder prevention. With respect to this, the approach in promotive working models is to support any identified strengths, possibilities and protective factors. (Tytti Solantaus)“Let´s talk about children” Model has been modified for primary and secondary level pupils so that parents are offered a discussion by a teacher to talk about the child's and family's situation aiming to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the situation of families and pupils. The more information a teacher has of child's developmental environments ( home, hobbies, friends etc.) the more possibilities can be found to help the child to cope in school especially in challenging situations. The key elements in “Let´s talk about children” Model are:supporting child development and preventing disorders the importance of a shared understanding respecting the Parents and Childrensupport positive parenthood and child development, “ Let´s talk about children” Model is an effective low level tool to help children and families in school engagement and setting. We have been training with my college Tiina-Liisa Valtokari about 100 teachers to use this Model in their work here in Mikkeli.Training takes 3 working days (18h) and after that teachers are able to use  Let`s talk about children - Model in their work.


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June 2017
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Socio-emotional skills as the base for collaborative learning
Collaborative learning is centered around students' socio-emotional skills. The implementation of the innovation requires a well-grouped class where everyone knows each other and work well together.
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Choosing a phenomenon to study
You can use different methods to choose the themes regarding the phenomenon.
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Choosing the subjects linked to the phenomenon
A multidisciplinary approach to the phenomenon is encouraged as it tends to become a natural part of project based learning.
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Dividing into groups
Learning means growing together, rather than looking for one’s mistakes.
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Setting goals and creating research questions
The teacher should set the goals for the project and explain these goals to the students for better understanding of the learning process.
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Choosing digital platforms and applications
The school should have a working internet connection and tablets for each class in order to successfully implement the content production projects.
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