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Kehkashan Basu

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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Join the 1000+ eco-warriors of Green Hope who are making a difference in Canada, USA, UAE , Oman, India, Nepal & other regions. The Future belongs to us!

Green Hope Foundation

Toronto, Canada
Green Hope Foundation is a youth organisation working on Education for Sustainable Development, children's rights and environmental protection by empowering young people and helping to build effective partnerships with all stakeholders of civil society.

What is Green Hope Foundation?

Kehkashan Basu, Founder
“Children are the future of the planet and we have the fundamental right to a life of dignity.”

Kehkashan Basu, Founder

Young people are among the largest stakeholders of civil society yet one of the least represented, and do not have a voice in determining their future. Young people have immense potential and possess the capability to bring about change.

Green Hope believes in providing a platform of engagement to young people , in particular to children , so that they are empowered in driving change in civil society. We believe, that as generations of the future , we need to play a determining role in the sustainable development dialogue. This forms the basis of all our "on the ground" campaigns . Our work is based on a bottom up approach whereby our young members work "hands on" on different campaigns thereby gaining the experience of becoming changemakers.

Our campaigns encompass the following :

  • Fighting Land degradation 

  • Sustainable Consumption and production

  • Climate change campaigns

  • Know your carbon footprint

  • Alternate energy - move away from fossil fuels

  • Biodiversity conservation

  • Gender Equality

  • Future Justice

  • Peace

  • Nuclear Disarmament

  • Sustainable Cities

  • •Health & Sanitation

Scalability in 2021: 

Green Hope Foundation has scaled to 16 countries, including India, Nepal, Oman, Bangladesh, Canada, UAE, USA, Suriname & Sierra Leone, with 2060 members across the globe. Kehkashan and the team have conducted over 150 academies and engaged 60,000+ students worldwide. Green Hope Foundation has plans to expand to more countries in Africa and Latin America. We already have chapters in some countries in these regions, but we would like to create a greater impact in more nations.

Impact during the COVID-19 pandemic: 

• Green Hope Foundation has conducted 11 high-level webinars with speakers from the United Nations, governments, parliamentarians, faith organizations and civil society organizations, bringing expert knowledge to civil society, especially students. 

• Green Hope has also conducted 16 virtual workshops for students across the world, teaching them the Sustainable Development Goals and actions that they can take to implement these goals in their communities. 

• In Bangladesh, Green Hope is distributing sanitation packs, soaps, reusable masks and rations such as rice, lentils, oil to families in vulnerable communities. 

• Green Hope is also planting trees in Bangladesh and India.

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
60 000
2 066
Tips for implementation
Visit the Green Hope Foundation website to see the many ways on how to be involved!
Contact information
Kehkashan Basu
HundrED Review

Children are not given a platform to share their thoughts and feelings. Sustainability is an area that is often given no time in the curriculum. Green Hope Foundation is a organization run by children for children. The group works towards spreading the message and teaching about living a sustainable life.


Green Hope Foundation has had a positive impact on thousands of young people globally, educating them about their rights and how to lead a sustainable lifestyle.


Green Hope Foundation has scaled to India, Nepal, UAE, Oman, Canada & USA. Green Hope Foundation is in 10 countries and has 1000 members. Kehkashan has also conducted over 100 academies and engaged more than 5000 students from over 100 institutions.


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Empowering Syrian Refugee children A Green Hope Foundation initiative 1
Say NO to Plastic -Save Our Oceans ; A Green Hope Foundation Initiative
Kehkashan Basu - World Future Council
Children are the future of the planet and we have the fundamental right to a life of dignity. | KidsRights
Green Hope Foundation Our Story
Kehkashan Basu, Founder, Green Hope Foundation


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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Environment Academy
Environment Academy
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Road shows
We set up booths and stalls at various community and corporate events and engage with visitors spreading awareness on sustainability concepts.
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Ground level projects
Cleanups, habitat conservation , tree plantings, door-to-door community awareness, educational field trips.
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Social upliftment campaigns
We raise funds for natural disaster victims and community driven campaigns on cancer , diabetes , obesity to name a few. Throughout the year, our members raise funds to support workers and labourers .
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Social media campaigns
The social media is power outreach tool and we reach out across geographical boundaries with the help our youtube and twitter messages. Our recent social media efforts are :
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