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Promoting cross-cultural understanding and empathy through youth-led activities and programming.

Global Minds Initiative

Pittsburgh, United States
Global Minds Initiative (GMI) is a youth imagined, and designed program for combating intolerance by fostering intercultural friendships and global understanding. Global Minds aims to promote inclusive spaces by investing in the next generation of leaders, the youth.

What is Global Minds Initiative?

Israa Abdulmuttaleb- ESL Student Coordinator
“One of the things that changed me and my mind was the Global Minds Club, it changed my life. It helped me share my story, make new friends and helped me feel at home. I never felt more welcomed.”

Israa Abdulmuttaleb- ESL Student Coordinator

Our schools, neighborhoods, towns, and cities are becoming increasingly more vibrant and diverse. We are at a pivotal moment, where racial and educational equity are in jeopardy. As students, we are the future. Through training well-educated leaders who value peace and understanding, we will overcome the challenges our society faces. The Global Minds Initiative is a pioneer in rethinking how we educate our most promising leaders.

Global Minds seeks to address the unique needs of the immigrant and refugee student populations in our communities and schools through youth-led after-school programming and service learning. This program aims to make schools a more accepting and understanding place for all youth, by supporting its immigrant students to reach their greatest academic and social potential. 

Global Minds Initiative cultivates transformative outcomes for the students we serve, the schools we partner with, and the broader community. The program is grounded in two research-based pedagogies: anti-bias education and culturally responsive education. The first, anti-bias education, is an activist approach to confronting prejudices that present as xenophobia, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia. Anti-bias education engages student attitudes by confronting inequities and challenging stereotypes that promote misunderstanding and aggression across groups. The second methodology used in our program is culturally responsive education. This approach incorporates activities centered on social issues to help students develop constructive relationships. It nurtures positive social and psychological development by including relevant cultural components into diverse interactions that facilitate opportunities for students to feel accepted, give acceptance, develop relationships, and reduce antagonistic behaviors.

Since 2016, Global Minds' after-school program has evolved from a program engaging 50 students, to a global movement of welcoming, kindness and inclusivity. The Global Minds Initiative engages over 1,500 students from 23 schools and 2 countries, the USA and Canada. Global Minds' diverse student body engage in educated conversations about current events and plan community service projects to address their unique communities needs. Students of different nationalities sit together at lunch, go to the movies, and smile at one another in the hall. All of these small actions are so simple, but represent huge steps in the right direction.                                          

For more information, data, and stories check out our end of the year evaluation: http://globalminds.world/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Global-Minds-Year-Book-web.pdf

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11 - 18
Age Group
1 500
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Global Minds Chapter Toolkit- Activities Curriculum and Youth Facilitator Guide
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Peyton Klein

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