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Aula 42 is an online resource bank and teacher training program that transforms schools through the Project Based Learning methodology.

Aula 42

Chile, Colombia
Aula 42 empowers teachers throughout Latin America to develop 21st-century skills in their students through Project Based Learning. Our teacher training program and platform of free, curriculum-aligned lesson plans facilitate engaging classroom projects rooted in real-world problems that inspire students with a lifelong love of learning.

Aula 42

Karina Córdova, Executive Director
“We think of school as preparation for life, but really, school IS life for kids. It doesn’t make sense for learning to be passive. In the real world, we learn by doing, and school should reflect that.”

Karina Córdova, Executive Director

Aula 42 is a program of Fundación Consejo de Curso that aims to make learning fun and meaningful for students by supporting teachers to implement engaging project-based courses. This approach increases student motivation, allows for deep and long-lasting learning, and ultimately instills lifelong a love of learning. 

Part online platform and part teacher training program, Aula 42 goes beyond existing PBL training programs by providing high-quality (completely free) lesson plans for teachers to replicate or adapt, helping them immediately translate theory into practice through tested examples of curriculum-aligned projects. Further, it provides personalized professional development to teachers and administrators, instilling best practices through continuous mentorship and feedback to ensure mastery of PBL methods.

Currently implemented in 26 schools in Chile and 3 in Colombia, Aula 42 has impacted over 4,000 low and middle-income students since its launch 2017. Because Aula 42 provides a low-cost, scalable solution to democratize Project Based Learning, we aim to implement it in hundreds of schools across Chile and Latin America over the next five years.

Aula 42 began as an adaptation of the Academia de Verano (Summer Academy), a summer learning program implemented by Fundación Consejo de Curso since 2014 in which hundreds of students take an array of diverse project-based courses, from “Colonizing Mars” to “Biocitizens” to “Religions in Dialogue.” Aula 42 adapts courses and teaching methods from the Academia de Verano to the needs and contexts of local schools, scaling our best practices throughout Chile and Latin America.  

Founded in 2014, Fundación Consejo de Curso works in Chile and Latin America to inspire children and young people with a love of learning. By developing evidence-based educational programs both within and outside of the classroom, Consejo de Curso aims to model the schools of the future. In addition to Aula 42 and the Academia de Verano, Consejo de Curso also operates Verano Trampolín, a play-based early grade reading summer program for elementary aged students. Consejo de Curso has been recognized and supported by the Chilean Ministry of Education, the Chilean Economic Development Corporation (CORFO), Ashoka Foundation, Fundación Colunga, and the LEGO Foundation. 

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Innovation Overview
10 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
All resources, including detailed activity descriptions, rubrics and videos can be found on the Aula 42 website. Each course is 12-15 class sessions, perfect for implementing continuously over the course of a few weeks or once or twice a week over the course of a semester.
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Victoria Marambio

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Teacher Constanza Zambrano works with students in her "Building Citizenship" class
Teacher José Gonzalez works with students in the course "Nanotechnology"
Elementos ABP
El despegue | La sociedad de los nuevos | Aula 42
A student-made board game, the final project from the class "The Economy Game"
Students vote for the winner in a class debate as part of the project for "The Magic of Debate"
Aula 42: innovación en la sala de clases


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