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The Professionalization Virtual Environment for Teachers

A virtual environment with exclusive 16 critical competencies for teaching professionalization, which allows learning challenges to be carried out through cutting edge content, a peer-to-peer review system, real practices, badges, metrics, diplomas and certifications. For principals, it includes a powerful tool for evidence-based coaching each teacher, guaranteeing the transfer to practice.


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December 2020
As a training support tool, collaborative work and interaction between equals enriches & encourages the work we have been implementing to develop professional learning communities in our institutions.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Many studies carried out in the last 30 years conclude that the terminal effectiveness of teacher training (what is transferred to the classroom) is between 10 and 15%. If the key to any process of educational improvement and innovation is the collective ability of teachers to apply new practices with pedagogical criteria in their class, the data on traditional teacher training is disappointing.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

TeachersPro is a professional learning community based on our exclusive 16 critical competencies for teaching, which allows individual or collective Learning Challenges to be carried out, through cutting edge content for dozens of skills, a peer-to-peer evidence review system and access to thousands of real practices of other teachers in the international community that currently has more than 9,000 users. This Professionalization Virtual Environment (PVE) grants permanent access to all the content and it includes recognition in the form of badges, metrics, diplomas and competencies certifications. For educational entities, it includes a powerful tool for coaching each teacher, accessing to evidence of learning, thus guaranteeing the transfer to their professional practice. This solution, completely developed by us at the Escalae Institute, has proven its effectiveness, being able to increase the transfer to practice from the usual 10-15% to 70-80% in the 1st year (Malpica, F., 2018).

How has it been spreading?

TRACK RECORD: We have more than 100 educational institutions (schools and universities) and more than 9.000 users from 36 countries in just 3 years. Development of the initial version of the Platform and the website. Average of 10 new users per day in 2020. Acquisition of the first 5K licenses (to educational institutions). More than 8K real evidences of users (average of 7 new daily evidences in 2020). Negotiating distribution agreements with partners that integrate the platform as part of their product or as a resellers. We have already partners in 4 countries.
ROADMAP TO 2023: Increase AI and analytics in the platform. Develop a sponsor model to open free content for public education (B2C expand). Increase in the number of institutional entities (B2B) by 300-500% worldwide is expected.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

As a teacher, becoming a member of TeachersPro is free and you only have to sign up on the website to have permanent access to the dashboard, portfolio, competence diagnosis center and the possibility of having contacts. Once registered, in the "Challenge Map" you can select the training itinerary you want to follow.
As the head of an institution, you should write to us at

Spread of the innovation

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